Free Gold Hammerburst

Gears of War 2 getting free day-one DLC 'Flashback' maps, Golden Hammerburst

Gears of War 2 future owners: not only will you get a free flashback downloadable map pack when you purchase the game new, you will also receive something extra.

Now if you attend a “Midnight Madness” launch event that is taking place all around the country on the night of November 6th, you will be able to unlock a gold-plated Hammerburst. The golden sweetness does not have any special impacts on damage or effectiveness, but it looks real cool.

In a time of costly DLC, Epic seems to be giving us a fair share of free DLC just for buying their game new and not used.

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  • I'll definitely be attending one. The gamestop by my house is pretty small so don't have to ever wait in line.

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  • Gold? That looks more like a mucus gun or something from the army man series.

  • I do know that everyones favorite gaming website, will be announcing a giveaway later on today where peeps can win some free gold hammerbursts and lancers


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  • Sweet I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

  • gearhead

    I went to Futureshop (Vancouver, BC, Canada) at midnight and apparently they only had 10 codes for the Gold Hammerburst to give away. 🙁

  • Only 10 I guess they didn't hear how popular GoW 2 was going to be.