BUZZ! Quiz TV (PS3) TQ review

Buzz! Quiz TV for the PlayStation 3 could quite possibly be the best trivia video game ever created.

Platform: PlayStation 3
Trophy Supported: Yes
Players: 1-8, (1-4 online)
Price: $59.99

Controls: Included in the game box are 4 Buzz wireless controllers. The controllers do require a wireless USB adapter that connects to the PS3 (also included in the game box). Batteries are not included (each buzz controller requires 2 AA batteries). The buzz controllers feel just right. The buttons are nice and large, making it easy to choose the correct button for your answer.

Graphics: Buzz Quiz TV is colorful. The game has a unique style of colorful, cartoon style, crisp graphics that are very satisfying. From clean-sparkling animated floors, to the humorous well detailed characters, the game delivers and makes you feel like part of the action.

Sound: The sound in Buzz is top notch. You will really feel like you are in a game show. Sound effects are very unique; like the “tequila” sound effect that makes a mariachi sound that could be used as a buzzer tone for your character. It is recommended to play in 5.1 for optimal experience.

Replay Value/Story: Buzz Quiz TV: $59.99. Is it worth it? Let me cover the single player: As a single player game, the game is fun if you are playing online, don’t try to play this game alone, the game will get old. The game is meant to be played in a party with friends for the best experience. The online mode allows you to play a sofa vs sofa game against 3 other players online. The bad part about the online sofa vs sofa is the fact that you can only have one person represent your sofa team. The way to play this game is, without a doubt, local multiplayer. The local multiplayer has 7 modes that include:

  • Points Builder
  • Short Fuse
  • Fastest Finger
  • Points Stealer
  • Pie Fight
  • High Stakes
  • Final Countdown

Playing up to 8 players in your living room is lots of fun. Seven modes is more than enough to make every game you play in multiplayer exciting and satisfying.

Buzz features over 5,000 questions divided into five different genre channels (Music, Movies & TV, Sports, Brainiac and Lifestyle) and now available as well are downloadable category packs for $5.99 from the PSN.

A very unique feature in this game is the MyBuzz feature. With MyBuzz you can play user-created quizzes and even create your own at People that play your self create quiz, will be able to rate them.

Wishes or Changes: I wish the Sofa vs Sofa mode allowed my group of 4 to play against another group of 4 online. Also, I would have liked for some Sony batteries to be packed in for the Buzz controllers.

TQ bottom line Michela Rating: Buzz Quiz TV is quite possibly the best trivia videogame ever created. With the ability to download category packs and create your own quizzes with MyBuzz, the game will be the perfect party videogame for a long time to come. The game really shines with its multiplayer mode if played with at least 4 players. If Buzz Quiz TV would of supported 4 players vs 4 players with its sofa vs sofa online game mode, this game would of been getting some extra michelas. Nevertheless, Buzz is still that party game that will please the crowd.

Final Verdict 8 Michelas out 10.

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