GameHounds Episode 36: Zombie Apocalypse

Ahhh. The GameHounds staff loves it when things get back to normal. Cooper Hawkes is back and drinking Southern Comfort, and Edie Sellers is sober and drinking water.

Two great things that go great together, especially when it comes to a podcast.

This week, Edie and Hawkes delve into a host of topics, including Alan Wake, the new Gears of War Zune, Sony’s Tokyo Game Show debut rumors, how Bungie pissed off the UK, and how EA pissed off retired NFL players.

They also launch the latest Listener Appreciation Month contest, in which you could win a GAF Viewmaster full of Fallout 3 screenshots and a bottle of real Nuka Cola — both media swag from Bethesda’s E3 appearance.

Check out the show notes and links for all da cool stuff after the jump…

Oh yeah, and these show notes thanks to Jong-Sun Yi, who reminded me no matter how drunk or tired we are, it’s really important to write this shit up.


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