PN Question of the Week, Oct 5

D3F53240-2FE6-495F-8C2F-783D97BE067D.jpgLast week’s Question of the Week had some very great responses to it. While no one person had picked all choices of the top ten, several people managed to pick 8 of them, and all of the top 5 games are coming to the Xbox 360 with LittleBigPlanet taking the #6 spot.

Now for this weeks question, and it had to do with our #1 most picked title last week.

Do you plan on attending any “Midnight Madness” launch event for Gears of War 2? Now remember, according to one of our one writers here, if you do attend you not only get a free flashback downloadable map, but you also get a gold-plated Hammerburst.


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  • I already bought it off along with the 3ft lancer so that's a no for me. Hopefully those that buy it online or at other stores still have access to this DLC

  • Nope.

  • RodB

    yes ill be at the gears midnight launch if they have one here… local gamestop says they have to have at least 100 pre-orders before they can have a midnight launch of a game and so far as of yesterday they only had 52.

  • Just created an account so rodb aka ChumpRegulator

  • ok this is weird i signed up for an intense debate account and for some reason its saying im steve artlip WTF????? ChumpRegulator is who i am supposed to be

  • i sent steve a tweet dunno why my post is showing up as him….i assure you i did nothing to cause this just linked my platformnation account to my newly created intense debate account. i post a comment and notice it says im posting as steve.

  • still unwillingly posting as steve

  • Well damn I commented on the wrong spot… I'll be at the one near me for sure. Its a small one and there is never any lines. Easy in Easy out… Yeah thats what she said…

  • My wife and I just bought a house, so unfortunately, this was one of many games that went from the"buy it list" to the "rent and beat it over a weekend list".

    I think my only midnight release game this year will be Resistance 2. I am taking the day off of work to play (and also, to vote of course…).

    Steve – providing a chart from last week's question was really cool. Thanks!

  • I too have purchased it off of for the lancer so i will not be getting the code for the gold hammerburst, and sorry if the article was not clear but the map pack is supposed to be included in all new Gears of War 2 purchases not just the midnight madness

  • I'm with JonathanMaher

  • Not sure yet I want to attend but the Gamestop I reserved it at is so freakin far from my house. 🙁

  • I probably won't attend anything. I am tempted by that gold Hammerburst, tho.

  • Desz – you got a house? You are renting Gears 2? Or you are going to an R2 midnight event? If that is the case, congrats, have fun, and we should play online (My PSN is CowboyDan).

    : – )

  • Hey Jon, in response to your question last week about R2, while I feel it is a good game, and something that the PS3 needs, I don't feel that it is something that I need. With all the fps'ers out there, I'll just wait my time for that one

  • Currently in escrow, so I feel your pain on holding back on purchases. Resistance 2 is going to be major for TQcast, we will probably have a live show or dedicated cast on launch. I sent you a request. PSN: TQcast


  • I'll definitely be buying Resistance 2 but I don't see myself buying GoW 2 unless Resistance 2 just flat out sucks. Even then…the chances of me getting another 360 are seriously slim.

  • I'll definitely be at the midnight launch for Resistance 2 but I don't see myself buying GoW 2 unless R2 just flat out sucks. Even then…the chances of me getting another 360 are seriously slim.

  • Nope. My sleep is precious to me, and given that this is going to be a very processor intensive game, I'd rather find out if it has no bugs before I buy it. And besides… I didn't play GoW 1, so I'm not that pissing myself about it…

    … And Bobby B can still fuck off.

  • I live about 30 min away from any video game store, so nope.

  • I will be attending the midnight launch event at my local gamestop to pick up my copy.

  • I will be hitting up the midnight launch event at the new Play N Trade that opened up near my house. They've got a tournament set up that night.