TQcast October Newsletter

What is up TQfam,

Today I bring you the October Halloween edition of TQ newsletter/TQ updates post, to keep you on the loop on what is going around the TQ sphere.


  • TQcast Episode 44 (LIVE)It is the latest TQcast out right now, so make sure to sync it.  I want to thank Juice, Filty, Biff, and all of the TQfam and PN fam that checked out our first ever LIVE show.
  • TQcast Episode 45 is scheduled for the October 11th weekend.
  • TQcast Episode 50 Yes EP50 is getting closer and closer, and we want to make it the biggest TQcast ever. Our EP44 testing of a LIVE show was a success in the technical part, and what better way to bring you 50, than a LIVE show full of TQ staff, LIVE drink tips, LIVE music, LIVE contests and giveaways. If you have any ideas for the show, do not hesitate to contact us.  If you would like to cruise down to TQcast headquarters and be part of the LIVE show, please contact us.
  • TQfam of the month– During episode 43 of TQcast, we decided to have a TQfam of the month from now on. You don’t have to do anything special to get this reward, just be yourself and keep repping TQcast, we see ya! This month we want to proudly give the honor to our long time listener and friend The L1TIG4T0R! Congrats fam, you deserve every single bit of this award.
    TQfam of the Month

  • Dasetup We have decided to make Dasetup a seasonal set of episodes, much like 90210 and the Shield. We want to have at least 5 shows pre-recorded to give a show every Monday or Tuesday. Dasetup Season 2 premier is scheduled for sometime in mid October.
  • Dasetup Video Camera Idea: If you been wanting to tape your setup, but have no cam, please read here
  • TQcast clothing store: Working on some designs for some TQ t-shirts. The classic TQ logo shirt will also be available real soon.
  • TQcast working on first homemade commercial- That’s right fam, we are currently working on our first TQ commercial, that will be posted on our Buzz: Quiz TV review for the PS3. Be on the look out!
  • TQcast Sports week- Yes, now that both Juice and I copped Madden 09 for the PS3,  I wanted to invite everybody to our PS3 sports week. This week we will be playing Madden 09, so if you catch us on the PSN, make sure to hit us up. a formal post with dates and times will be posted later this week.


Rumors and Questions:

Ok this is where I add any rumors or questions asked by the TQfam. I have plenty to share on this news letter from several of you on aim, twitter, skype, or e-mail.

  • Is TQcast going all Playstation from here on out. Answer: Yes
  • Did Desz start the XBOX-Pure rumor– Yes, it was a contest, I got Madden 09, piece of cake.
  • Rumor has it that TQcast is working closely with Redtube.– Unfortunately false.

Ok one last thing:

I want to encourage everybody to sign up for the Intense Debate Comments. You will be able to pimp out your profile and picture, so when you post comments on TQcast, you can actually see a picture and some contact info on it.

Also, I want to encourage everybody to record your setups and submitted them to us, so we feature them on Read the About page for more info, or simply email us [email protected]



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