Yggdra Union Review For The PSP

Game Review: Yggdra Union: Well Never Fight Alone (For the PSP)
Release: PSP: September 16, 2008
Genre: Tactical Role Playing Game
Developer: Sting
Available Platforms: PSP, GBA
Players: Single Player
MSRP: $39.99
ESRB: T (Teen)

Yggdra Union is a tactical RPG with a overhead view of a 2D map, and you manage miniature versions of units and uses a card dictating system that controls unit movement and skill plays in both enemy and ally turns. Massive battles can take place between several platoons at a time.  The player can choose to end their turn at any time.

The story revolves around Princess Fantasinia, Yggdra, fleeing her home with a family heirloom: the Holy Sword of Grand Centurio. The story details Yggdra’s reclamation of her kingdom. The game-play is a progression of battles, and when one is cleared another begins. Units are displayed on a grid of spaces which decide where the character moves. You, the player, make movements of your unit and determine one attack that can be executed against a enemy character. At the beginning of each turn a card must be chosen and each card has 3 attributes: POW, the overall strength and how much damage the loser takes; ACE, which weapon the union leader uses; MOV , the total movement available to all characters that are in play.  The player is allowed one attack per turn. Unions are the game’s mainstay and are comprised of a leader and as many a five other members.  Forming Unions allow more than one unit to join the Battle, allowing battles between as many as eighty soldiers.  Formations for a union will be different depending on the gender of the unit.  Males will have a x shape formation and females will have a + shaped formation.  Also each unit has the potential for five effects which are strategy altering ways to do things such as, in clash damage and morale restoration.

Yggdra Union has a good story line that has the occasional twist that leads you down a path you did not expect.  The story moves at a fast pace that relies on your ability to chose the right card.   The simplicity of the battlefield has a look of its own and the game-play will draw you in after awhile.  You can easily get caught up in forming powerful unions on the battlefield while managing your own aggressions during battles.

There are some improvements that I would like to have seen, such as the graphics are not really what I would expect from the PSP. One other improvement would be certain aspects of the game-play such as having side quests to play (there are none) and only being able to use your healing ability only at noon during in game-play.  The way the game is saved I would have liked to see a little different because if you don’t suspend your game (which is your save point) you could lose up to hours of work because you start a level from the begining.

My final say on Yggdra Union is unless you are looking for a hardcore RPG, stay away. However, if you are used to this type of game-play, I suggest you get this one and add it to your library. I enjoyed the game and this was the first time I played this type of RPG.  Yddra Union does prove to be a highly addictive game.

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