Metal Gear Online Getting New Expansion

Later this year Konami says you can expect a second expansion pack for Metal Gear Online, the title of the pack is MEME expansion.  The only thing is there is no release date or price given just yet.  Here is what will be included in the newest expansion pack:

3 New Maps
– Silo Sunset – One of the most popular stages in the handheld Metal Gear Solid® Portable Ops has been renewed for the world of Metal Gear Online.
– Forest Firefight – Taken from Metal Gear Solid 3, this dense jungle gives players a new tense atmosphere with plenty of camouflage options.
– Winter Warehouse – An original stage created for Metal Gear Online, players will have to search for suitable cover, in and around, this dilapidated factory blanketed in snow.

2 New Special Characters
– Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling

· Additional Rules and Settings – These can be selected without purchasing the second expansion pack

· Avatar Parts – Players can adorn their avatar with new accessories.

Definitely a nice expansion it has a lot to offer, now all we have to wait for is just the date and price.

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  • I'm still waiting for trophies to be added to this game before playing it MGS4. I never had any interest in the online portion because of SOCOM and Resistance 2.

    Maybe this will be some life back to the game. It is nice to know there are options on the console for shooters online though.

  • i don t no whene by pack