Bungie Officially Announces Halo 3: Recon

I’ll make this short and sweet. The big news out of TGS this evening (other than Tekken 6 on the 360) is Bungie’s official announcement trailer for Halo 3: Recon, a prologue to Halo 3 focussed on the ODST Helljumpers. Check out the sweet trailer by clicking the link below:



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  • retarded! and Fall 2009? people are still going to be playing this next year? move on already people! much better games out already and more will be coming out soon!

    And no mention of price? Bungie is one to suck the pennies out of your pocket so what we thinking $20-$30? umm no thanks, I like new games, not an addition to what was just an expansion to a game that came out a long time ago!

  • I agree INFECTEDPB503 we have so many new and great games coming out I would rather lay down the money for a new game instead of just laying out more money for a older game that I really lost interest in months ago.

  • I do see people playing this for a long time. Look at Halo 2. People were still playing that up to the release of Halo 3. As far as the fall 2009, I agree that is a little too much! The time gap between Halo and Halo 2 was three years. That was the same amount of time between H2 and H3. Bungie just needs to sit on this until 2010 and make it a full retail game. But wait a minute…that would make sense!

    Speaking of milking us, Bungie really hasn't done anything different than anybody else. Every Dev charges for their map packs at initial release. Maybe months later they may become free, but 7/10 times you still have to pay for them for the life of the game unless they try to resurrect the game for a sequel. The only thing that Bungie has charged extra for, for no reason, was the extra space to save your created content. So how can you say that Bungie is known to suck the pennies out of our pockets? If you say that about Bungie, you have to say that about everybody.

  • ur right x3ro9 i love all halos halo four will be awsome is halo wars out o and infected u suck balls