Meet The Fanboys?

As promised in episode 51 of the ‘cast–and requested by numerous listeners who had no idea what they were asking for–we recently had our family portrait taken by our ridiculously talented friend. You can witness the glory after the jump. And check out our About the ‘cast… page for some individual shots and bios of the reprobates responsible for soiling your iPod every couple weeks.

The boys, their proud papa, and their fiesty uncle (inset)

Families are Forever!

(About the photo: one of the benefits of having a career in a creative field is the opportunity to meet and work alongside some amazing minds. The auteur of these photos is just such an individual. In addition to his “real job” as an incredible designer and Flash/video whiz kid, he’s also absurdly handy with a camera. It’s always fun and illuminating to watch him bring a concept to life. You owe it to yourself to check out his work on his flickr site. Thanks a million, skrike.) 

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  • Nice pic guys! Skrike's work blew me away! his work is amazing! it really is!

  • how dare you compare me with…… with….. STEVE!!!

  • Well that is something Steve would say "his work is amazing! it really is! " But I wasn't trying to compare you at all, although the feminine look is back in you are still much better looking, and stronger than Steve.

  • GUI J

    Awwww…….I want this photo on my desk so I can tell everyone about my "Other" disfunctional family. Great photo boys, great photo.

  • Mark

    Hi there!
    Im going for the gold hammerburst
    Here´s my pic:
    Hope i win!!
    The reason of why i want the gold hammerburst is because i want to become a true GoW2 loyal fan
    Also,im a mexican-american dude,and im currently living in Mexico. I couldn´t obtain the code during Midnight Madness
    Thankx you Platform Nation!