PlayOn Install Guide for Mac

As many of you know, PlayOn allows you to stream content from sites that include Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, ESPN and more on your television through your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or your HP MediaSmart TV. Now one of the problems with PlayOn is that it only supports Windows PC’s, this is bad news for us Mac users, well, bad news until now.

Platform Nation is here to show you how to install PlayOn on your Mac through Parallels Desktop and how to get it working in a step-by-step guide, so lets get right into it so you can enjoy watching some great and free content through your gaming consoles.

Step 1. You need to go to their site,


Step 2. Now you need to get the file to download, just click either of the links that will bring you to the registration page.


Step 3. Its registration time, feel out all the required fields and hit submit.


Step 4. Download the file. Your about half way done with the whole process now.


Step 5. So I just downloaded the file to my Parallels desktop. Find the file and open it and just install it. There is nothing special you need to do here.


Step 6. After install PlayOn will be running in your taskbar, right click it and select settings. The only thing you should have to do is put in your info under User Management. You might also want to change your performance setting if you do have any streaming issues to medium, its located under the Advanced Settings tab.


Step 7. Now this is the most important step. You must go to your configuration area on Parallels. Under the network option it most likely is preselected as Shared Networking, you need to change this to Bridged Ethernet. After this is done restart Parallels.


That is it, you should be setup and good to go. If configured correctly you will see PlayOn as an option under your videos area on the XMB if using a PlayStation 3. And if you’re using a Xbox 360, select Videos under the Media tab, and you should see PlayOn, if not, hit the X button to select video source and it should pop up.

Now have fun with PlayOn, it is an awesome piece of software that I know I will continue to support.

If you have any issues with the install, please don’t hesitate to ask here on this post or ask at the official PlayOn support area of MediaMall’s forums,

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  • Awesome program. this would be how i watch the GVUs.. and the SNL VP debate was hilarious! New TV shows up very quickly once air on regular TV so if you miss an episode check this out…

    there are even movies in Hulu you can watch for free! and Alf, Doogie Howser M.D., A-Team… the list is endless!

  • Very awesome, just what the Dr. ordered

  • good stuff!

    I found some typo's by the way…

  • Dr J

    Can the same thing be done if you’re running VMware Fusion on a Mac Os X. I tried this but I get a none defined error during installation of a Windows.NET file.

  • all you have to do is go to your VM settings, and under network select bridged as your option, then it works perfectly 🙂

  • Rui Guerreiro

    Hi, this sounds very nice. Do you know if it will work without Playstation, but with one of Samsung’s DLNA compliant LCD TV’s?
    And also, after installing PlayOn with Parallels, will it work in the background without further actions, or do I need to open both Parallels and PlayOn every time I want to watch something from Hulu, for example?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Worm

    I gotta tell you that you almost had me hooked. That is until I realized that I had to use Windows for this to work. I am one of the few, or many, that use a Mac to get away from Windows. The idea of having to dual boot constantly sounds like a major pain.

  • dalla

    followed your tutorial, and on my xbox getting a “no videos found” message when i click on any of the video sources, hulu, youtube, etc. is there a specific setting i likely missed?

  • Kyle Michard

    I am running this through an xbox360 and an Imac w/Parallels.
    When I try to view NETFLIX instant movies, the TV picture goes skewed and I cannot watch!

    Help me please

  • ashearer

    A couple quesitons. First thing, I’m using VM Fusion. Would this affect the use of Second, trying to hook it up to my wii, and it says that it does not recognize any PC. Any suggestions?

  • nj

    Is it still possible to do this? I tried it, but the link keeps going to the playon website. I download and I get gibberish.
    Any suggestions?

  • bob

    dose not work with parallels 5 and iMac. unless im doing something wrong. this page should be taken down or uprgaded by admi.

  • joe

    How do i get to the the same screen shot in paralles 6 ? I do not see a bridged option /


  • Tim

    I have the same question for parallels 6. That screen is not there. What options do we select?

  • For parallels 6 go to devices, network, bridged and choose air port.

    However I keep getting a screen saying that my virtual audio device is set to default, and then the video does not play

    I’m using parallels 6 and win7 on a macpro unibody

  • I have Windows 7 running on a Mac Mini with Parallels Desktop 6 on Snow Leopard. Playon installed without problem, but it does not show up on my Samsung BD player’s devices list. (This same BD player shows another Playon server on a Vista PC, but not the one on the Mac.)

    I configured network bridging, though I don’t really understand what I’m doing: I have it set up as Devices->Network 1->Bridged(Ethernet). The Mac Mini is connected via ethernet cable to the same switch/router as the Vista PC.

    I do have McAfee Internet Security on this Mac/Parallels, but I have exceptions on the firewall to allow Full access for Playon Server, Playon Settings, and Playon System Tray Monitor. (I also tried turning off the firewall for 15 minutes, which didn’t help.)

    Why would the Playon server on the Mac not show up among the DLNA devices on my BD player, when the one on the Vista PC does?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Bender, have you found a solution yet. I’m running into the same problem and have done the bridging and firewall access.

      • have you tried on another device?

        • By other device do you mean another mac with guest xp?
          Playon works fine when I use a windows machine.

  • Bender, have you found a solution yet. I’m running into the same problem and have done the bridging and firewall access.

  • Odinjeffrey

    I’m a huge Playon fan but I’m thinking about buying a refurbished  i Mac 17” MA199LL –
    iMac4,1 – A1173 -complete WiFi system I know its an older model but Ive heard good things and the price is right want to make sure i’ll still be able to run PlayOn and stream at a high quality level. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Playon rocks, but it NEEDS support outside of windows. Version that works with wine, unofficial 3rd party builds, etc. In the past 10 years, i think this is only the 2nd time that i was boxed into a corner with no alternative. I HATE running windows. viruses, spyware, crappy A/V codec integration. VM’s just suck up so many resources. Booting natively into windows sucks ’em up too because using internet explorer on windows is like having a bareback, bisexual, needle-sharing orgy with the entire City of New York. YOU”RE GONNA get a disease…lol. I’d be fine with a wine-supported version. Or a unofficial 3rd party build. But as I see it, if this blows up like i think it will, one of the above with happen.

  • sholtkamp

    Kind of disappointed in the title of this article. Very misleading. You are still installing PlayOn on a windows OS. Parallels license is about $60 and a windows license is around 80 bucks…. So I guess that is still better than buying a pc for the job, but regardless the Title is misleading.

    • DON”T bother with Parallels. VMWare fusion MUCH better. Have you heard of Virtual Box, by Oracle? Free. And at this point, i’m SURE you can find a windows 7 pro license somewhere in your belongings. Still, yes, VM’s are inefiicient. But if you’re going down that route, try VirtualBox 1st. Don’t bother using WIN 8 or 10. Stick to 7. Pro, no home! Or actually, if it works with XP, run XP. take off any fancy visual effects. Google for maximizing system performance. None of that “eye candy” is worth the resources it drains/ But if Play On continues on the road it is header, the will either expand to support OS X/Linux, at least through Wine, or a mac alternative will pop up.

  • Salim George Khalaf

    Since it does not work with Mac, I don’t want it.

  • jhawkinsvalrico

    Already had Parallels and a copy of Windows on my MacBook Pro and this works great. Thanks.

  • FIRST of all, Windoze is the WOST, least secure and most resource draining OS for an always-on media server. Linux is probably the best, with OS X being pretty close due to the same unix-based security and even easier configurations. DO NOT use parallels. It sucks!! VMware fusion is cheaper and performs better. Or even go with Oracle’s free Virtual box. But for Pete’s sake, guys at PlayOn….your product rocks, but windows, at least to some people, definitely does not. I would much prefer linux as a media server. Probably OS X for simplicity’s sake as all 3 of my computers are macs (and can boot natively or run virtual machines). But….well, let’s not even go into the reasons why windows is arguably the least efficient and secure OS for your app. Let’s all play nice and say that to each their own as far as OS pref goes.

    At the very least, can’t you guys try to come out with a version that works with wine/crossover? That would most certainly be much easier for you, and much more satisfactory to all of your potential, die-hard Unixy oS users. Or maybe consider allowing unofficial, community-only supported builds for OS X/Linux? I’m still buying your service but i DO forsee that you could be losing A LOT of potential business. Honestly, i can’t remember the last time that i couldn’t find a native, wine supported or at least 3rd party unofficial equivalent for mac.