KillZone Beta – Check Your Inbox

That’s right TQfam, check your inboxes and spam filters, you might just find a KillZone 2 Beta key. I had a chance to check this game out at E3, and it looked very promising. PS3 is blowing up this season, Socom, LBP, Resistance 2, and now KillZone 2 Beta….BOOM!! I wish everybody the best in getting into beta. This one will be major, I predict bigger than LBP, so be ready for the internet to go on a frenzy again.

(By the way rumor has it that it, that it will be a shareable beta. So if you have a shared account with someone, make sure to DL it on the shared account)

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  • Still no Beta for me. Congrats to all that have received the Beta