LBP Beta Levels to be Available when Full Retail Game Ships!

Well if you haven’t been lucky enough to score a LBP Beta Token there is a little “light at the end of the tunnel” as the user created levels in the beta will be carried over to the full retail game. In speaking with 1UP:  “On the main floor at the Tokyo Game Show today Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans let slip that all the Little Big Planet user-created levels we’ve been seeing from the beta are in fact going to be making the transition into the full final game”!

As someone that just got into the Beta, and with it ending this Sunday, October 12th, I have not seen any user-created content, but hear that is where the real fun of LBP is.  I expect great things when I get there or else!  Even though it has been confirmed and just to make sure that Sony and the LBP people know we want this content to be available in the full retail game, please head over to the Official LBP Blog and leave a comment on the poll they have been running.

Little Big Planet is set to drop on October 21st; and while I am sure a lot of people are going to make a lot of content it would have been a shame to lose all the content made during the beta.  So one point goes to Media Molecule and Sony for making the correct choice!  Now lets hope other take notice and transfer content from beta/demo to retail!

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  • Pharmboy044

    I unfortunately was not able to get into the beta but heard and saw (youtube) all the great levels that were being made and its great that I could actually play all those levels right when I get the game.

  • I think this is a great step. I'm so pumped about the game that I think I'm going to try and make some levels when the final version comes out. The level design on some of these were amazing like the God of War – Demon Skulls. That's my personal favorite at the moment.

    I'm just really happy to see them keeping people's hard work…otherwise, I'm sure soon as launch date hit, people would be stealing others ideas.

  • That is great, I have been unable to get a hold of the Beta but at least everyones hard work on level that where made. On a side note I love the sack boy and the Platform Nation sign looks great!!

  • I'm really happy that the beta levels will be transfered over. Atleast people that buy that game on day one will have access to user levels right off the bat. This game is going to create some legends. I can't wait to learn the tools inside and out so I can make full use of my ideas, You have no idea how excited this game makes me.

  • thanks. took this photoshop class and paying off a little…

    i didn't get to try last night but going play tonight and tomorrow. still not sure on making stuff but i'll try others creative levels. not sure if day 1 for me but say around christmas i'll be picking it up and think of all the levels then.

    i hear a rating system is going to be implement so the creme will rise to the top and have so much to play it will be insane!