New Xbox Experience coming November 19

by Erik Johnsen

Microsoft announced that their massive software update for the Xbox 360 will go up on November 19, worldwide.

John Schappert, corporate vice president of Interactive Entertainment LIVE said, “When the New Xbox Experience launches in just six weeks, we will be inviting the whole world to play. We will also have the games that everyone will want, including all-new social experiences like ‘Lips,’ ‘Scene It? Box Office Smash,’ and ‘You’re In the Movies,’ all launching this Christmas all exclusively on Xbox 360.”

Microsoft promises that the New Xbox Experience will put “more entertainment at their fingertips than any other device connected to the TV.”

The new set up includes the following list of features:

Live Party: Voice chat while playing games with up to seven of your friends.

Avatars: A customizable, animated avatar that enables you to showcase your personality through Live Party and various games designed to include your avatar, such as Scene It? Box Office Smash and 1 vs. 100.

Netflix: Also coming to your Xbox 360 is over 12,000 movies through the Netflix service. Several popular TV shows will be available as well.

The New Xbox Experience is available this fall through a free download to anyone with an Xbox 360 system, a broadband connection and a storage device of either a hard drive or 256MB memory unit or larger. A hard drive is recommended and is required for some features.

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