PSP Plus


Here’s a nice feature coming for the PS3 and PSP and it will not need a firmware update for neither the PS3 or PSP.

Sony has announced the new “PSP Plus” and it will add the rumble feature to your PSP, well almost.  By hooking up your PSP to your PS3 you will be able to switch on PSP Plus control through Resistance 2, this will add Dualshock 3 control support by allowing you to play Resistance Retribution on your T.V. with the Dualshock 3 controller.

Plus you can unlock additional game play for your PSP when you have your PSP (with Resistance Retribution) and PS3 (with Resistance 2) connected.   All  you have to do is select “Infect Your PSP” through the Resistance 2 option screen.  Infect mode will last until you power down your PSP.  Infected mode will provide you with alternate endings and other weapons from Resistance 2 and other attributes for your character.

This is a giant leap for Sony and will only lead to bigger and better things for Sony and PS3 and PSP owners alike.  I hope to purchase both of these titles and I will definitely have to try out these new features.

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  • Interesting concept, but I don't see myself playing my PSP at home much unless I'm away from my tv. What would make this worthwhile is if they put trophies in PSP games. That would sell a bunch more PSP and then this feature would become even more useful!

  • PSP trophies would be awesome and I would agree they would sell more PSP games overall

  • jane

    Did you know you could “infect” your PS3 with Resistance: Retribution to unlock bonus content in Resistance 2? Check out the info at, COOL!