Linger in Shadows TQ review and Tips

Linger in Shadows is an experiment into the realm of Interactive Digital Art, It is not meant to be a game. Sometimes this gets confused because it is on the PLAYSTATION 3 and it goes well outside the norm of games.

Yes indeed, it is definitely not a game, but an Art. Linger in Shadows is something I would boot up while smoking a fat doobie. The game..I mean the Art is quite bizarre, but at the same time its an 8 minute addiction. This interactive art is something that you might see right after you pass away…. unless you are going to heaven. The Digital Art is full 1080p and shows off some of the PS3’s strengths. Without ruining anything for the TQfam, Linger in Shadows is a must see trip. I’m talking about dogs, cats, nuts, bolts, clouds, buildings, barrels, evil, machines….yeah its 4:20. But where the hell did this game come from?? It came from the PSN store for a whopping $2.99, and it comes jammed packed with 16 PS3 trophies ready to be unlocked. The trophies are actually very easy to unlock. (Been there done that) Follow the guide below and you too can have an additional 16 trophies, for a total cost of $2.99.

Final Thoughts: This should of been free. I mean $2.99 is nothing now a days, but come on we basically paid for an introduction to PS3 ART and trophies. They should of gave this one away, and charged for the next one. At the same time, I will say it again “I will do anything for trophies”

Final Verdict 5 michelas out of 10 “great art, great trip, but give me more! Don’t pull a Pure Platinum and tease my buddy!!

TQ Trophy Guide:

Sigil Of Time (Bronze): Freeze and manipulate time in order to force your way through rips in reality. Use it wisely, for it is a power that can overcome great challenges when seeking the light… or chaos.
– Phase 1: As soon as the video starts it will pause itself. Press X to un-pause and after a few seconds pause again. You will now notice the controller icon lit up in the top bar with four arrows.
– Solution: Shake the SixAxis.

Sigil Of Motion (Silver): Make the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows. The power to manipulate your environment has been unveiled and will prove essential in your struggles with nature.
– Phase 2: Watch through the video until it stops and reverses itself.
– Solution: After the reverse hold L2 or R2.

Sigil Of Chaos (Silver): Chaos inhabits every fiber of the universe. Unleashing this power has obliterated the obstacles before you and will release you into nature.
– Phase 3: Pause the title and notice the rotating arrows on the controller to the upper right.
– Solution: Rotate the controller.

Sigil Of Nature (Silver): The force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment. Remember what you have learned here and it may be useful to you in the future.
– Phase 4: While manipulating time while paused there will be an instance where the O button lights up.
– Solution: Hit O at around 04:49:000.

Sigil Of Creation (Silver): Eyes are the black holes of creatures, vast depths of darkness, but at the center you will find that creation exists everywhere, even when it is nowhere. All that is left is to unleash the light from within the shadow.
– Phase 5: There will be two instances where you can light up the tentacle creatures eyes by pressing O, also just before it destroys the dog you can shake the SixAxis.
– Solution: Press O at the two locations and shake the SixAxis when indicated.

Sigil Of Light (Silver): It is foretold that revealing all 6 sigils will bring about light, and thus the sigils have been uncovered and light has been wrought from the shadow. Use all you have gained and search outside your vision for secrets within the world.
– Complete the whole video and credits in ‘Linger’ mode. If you unlocked all 5 Sigils in a playthrough you’ll also receive this.

Now for the images to look out for. Once you finish the game, quit the game and go back and look for the following images. You DO NOT have to take pictures of them, just look at them and wait for the circle of death to come up and light up the image you just viewed. 

If you do decide to do all the trophies at once, this is still the way to go.

First image: Hidden trophy:

At around 2:17

2nd Image at around 3:07

3rd Image at around 3:13

4th Image at around 3:31

5th image at around 3:13

6th image at around 4:

7th image at 4:36

8th image at around 5:04

9th image at around 5:40

10th image at around

11th image at around Your finish

You should see all of your images lit up on the circle of death.

tips: When trying to view the images, you have to be on video camera mode, and move your SIXAXIS controller around till you see the image. Also, for the silver trophies just follow the instructions when paused. For example, if you are viewing with the L2 and R2, look at the top menu for guidance, it will have either the R2 or SIXAXIS shake highlighted. Hit us up if you have any questions.

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