PS3 AC Adapter

Here’s a new AC adapter for charging PS3 peripherals, but it will be released in Japan first Sony has announced.  The price will be 2,800 yen ($28 US) and will be released on December 18th in Japan no release date has been set for a US release as of yet. You will be able to charge two peripherals at once.

This looks like a nice charger and not a bad price that Sony has set for it.

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  • Wow, this looks like a good alternative to the base chargers

  • umm guys a little crazy of what? i understand its a pain to charge the controllers and such but most mobile phones these days use a Mini Usb to charge and you can charge stuff from any USB slot, I use my 360 one to charge my ps3 controller, cause it works when off (kinda)… but $28 for a $5 usb charger seems like a rip off…

    and "can charge two perh at once"? do you think it is going to come with another usb to mini usb cable? umm no. I would bet it doesn't come with any usb cable. so you would have to borrow another or buy another anyways…

    this would be the most useless accessory I have ever seen!