Endwar VIP “Stress” Test is Live NOW! [Update]

As you may have just seen here on P*N our fearless leader Steve519 and Platform Nation is giving away a code to the Ton Clancy’s EndWar VIP Stress Test (could Ubisoft have made a longer name, I think not). I also happen to have received my code from the EndWar PAX Panel and am currently downloading the 1.64GB file.

I also was fortunate enough to have extensively played the EndWar Beta and from what I saw at PAX Ubisoft has updated, added and taken a ton of the feedback from the beta and have improved EndWar 100 fold. The addition of WMDs and ability for units to fortify themselves in buildings was an exciting addition.

The persistent battle field in EndWar will be updated nightly once it drops on November 7th. I know I will be there day 1 trying to take over the world. Will you?  Till then see you in the demo! or you can see me in the demo for a hour or so starting at 2:30 pacific here or over on

Video clips at Ustream

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