Tom Clancy’s EndWar VIP Demo Codes Are Now Being Sent


Ubisoft is sending out emails right now to a lucky 5,000 people who won a chance to play the Tom Clancy’s EndWar VIP Demo as you see in the picture above. So if you were one of those that applied you might want to go check your email so see if you were one of the lucky 5,000.

And guess what? Platform Nation is giveaway away its code. All you have to do is go to our forums and post your Xbox Gamertag in the already created thread titled “Tom Clancy’s Endwar Vip Demo”

Good Luck!

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  • Nice! you would think the people that were guarenteed a spot in this at PAX would get their emails first… but i guess not! Bad Form Ubisoft!

  • wait.. just got me code… ROCK ON!