PN Question of the Week, Oct 12

37A10712-0A7E-4902-ADC1-C0DA98DD182D.jpgI was honestly surprised from last weeks question, the one about the Gears of War mid-night launch event, where we asked how many people were planning on attending their local midnight launch. There were a lot less “yeses” then what I thought there would be, with a vote of 9 people that are NOT going to attend and 5 that were. So the Gears of War 2 midnight launch is not as big of a deal as I thought, pretty interesting.

Anyways, lets get into this weeks question. NOT counting the games that are yet to come out this year, nor any of the betas (LittleBigPlanet) that have been released; what is your pick for “Game of the Year”? It can be on any console or PC or handheld.


  • I'm picking Metal Gear Solid as my GotY. MGS was just top notch and has everything that a AAA title should have. Great story, good controls, mind blowing graphics, unbelievable audio, and it kept me hinged every step of the way.

    MGS FTW!!

  • GTA IV

  • GUI J

    Burnout Paradise its been over 6 months since its release and im still playing it, and I am still getting new content for it..for FREE!

  • I'm going with GTA IV as well. I can see valid points for MGS, but I think the fact that GTA was a multi-console would push it past other competitors at this juncture.

  • so AAA title doesn't need a competent multiplayer? so 1/2 the game is your GOTY?

  • I'm going have to agree with Gui J! if the question is what game should be GOTY and we take into account the whole game and not just he SP or MP then this has it all. great SP that would take numerous hours to complete and a MP system that rivals any other game out there!
    The wiliness of Criterion to add so much content and for free! easily makes this a GOTY candidate.
    the amount of fun one can have alone or with friends should push it to the top!

  • no it does not. You don't need both to be thought of as Game of the Year. I do not think that you should downgrade a game or think any less of it because of its online or lack their of, options

  • That's a tough question. Is the Best game also considered the most played? Is the Best game the best experience?

    Most played 2008: COD4/Halo3
    Best experience: Viking: Battle for Asgard

    But most likely GTA4 will win just by the amount of records it broke on the day of release.

  • i would say its a tie between rock band 2 and gta4 right now but that might change 🙂

  • I'm going to say Rock Band 2, at least until I play Gears 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Left4Dead. Then I may change it. Otherwise I can't think of a game from earlier in the year that could be GOTY.

    And I'm not sure how GTAIV can be GOTY when nobody was playing it a month after it released. At least games like Burnout Paradise are still spinning in people's drives.

  • I agree about GTA IV, nobody was playing it a month after release, everyone moved on, it can not be called GotY in my book. It had a great story but everything else was sub par, graphics, audio and controls.

  • Actually Steve, to be considered a GOTY, I believe they take both in consideration only because when you buy the game, you get both. You don't have the option to buy SP and not buy MP. The day they start doing that, then we can judge a game based only on it's SP. Now if MGS4 came out only as SP, then I would consider it as a GOTY. But the MP completely took that out of the runnings.

  • I will have to agree with GUI J and INFECTEDPB503 on Burnout Paradise being the GOTY to this point. It is great on both SP and MP.

  • I didn't buy the game for MP nor did I even play it a single time

  • so if SP is a "10" in your opinion and the MP wasn't even good enough to play that is a GOTY? to you? I would think if SP is a 10 and MP is a 5 or a 0 to you then you would need to average that and a 5 does not make a GOTY! you do have to take into account the WHOLE Game when thinking of GOTY. not just the part you liked…

  • the only people playing MGS a month after it was release were the people that just got a PS3, once the SP is done the game was done, according to you. so a little contradictory there!

  • no, not so much. I know of many that kept playing it after they beat it, I was one of them. I did not do this for GTA 4

  • Burnout Paradise, it's still fun because of all the new content, all the updates, and the awesome multiplayer.

  • pharmboy044

    In my opinion GOTY (so far) has to go to MGS4. The visuals, sound, new gameplay mechanics and terrific bosses make this game "THE" best this year. Also, I'm reading alot of people negating a single player game for GOTY, why? Wasn't Bioshock alot of peoples GOTY last year? And thats a single player game. I understand your looking for more bang for your buck but just because a game does not include a multiplayer mode that doesn't disqualify it from getting the GOTY award.

  • mik

    Definitely MGS4 so far–it's not often that a game lives up to 100% of the hype, but it did.

    Nice to see Viking get a mention–I thought that game was criminally overlooked. Props Dan Echo!

  • I would say RockBand 2 just because its the game I play the most.. Ever since RB1came out its all I've been playing…..But I could understand GTA4 or Burnout Paradise as well

  • I can see why people would say GTA IV but I am so tired of the repetitive gameplay that GTA offers so I am going with MGS 4

  • X3RO9…I understand the argument you're making but if you stop and think…you're only making things worse for every other game.

    1) We're looking for "GAME of the Year" not "GAME Disc of the Year." Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online have very little to do with each other. IN EVERY GAME that has multiplayer to compliment it, usually you're playing as a character / using a skin from a character in the game, or using elements from the single player experience. You can't say that about this Metal Gear Disc.

    2) So…even if I was to concede to the lackluster anti-MGS4 + MGO argument, it would only make MGS4 stronger. Despite having a sub-par multiplayer experience, reviewers and gamers alike gave this game 9s and 10s which is around the same scores as the overhyped GTA IV.

    That means the single player experience was SO GOOD that it carried the entire disc to those scores. So you have GTA IV on every console with DLC, achievements, trophies, and tied in mp gameplay getting the same scores as MGS4 on one console, with no DLC, trophies, and an unassociated mp experience.

    Less doesn't always equal more…but in this case, the bottom line is true. METAL GEAR SOLID 4 is so far the Game of the Year regardless of your argument.

  • I agree that you have to take the entire game into consideration, but if a game does the SP piece so well, then I don't think you should dismiss it simply based on a missing mode. There are plenty of SP games that are really incredible. Mario Galaxy comes to mind.

  • I cant really come up with anything as of this moment. I have not felt blown away by a title this year sequels don’t count to me because all they are just building on a great idea. Nothing really thinking out side of the box or creating anything new. Most of 2008 games that can be considered are sequels sooo I am just bored of the same shit in a different box. I haven’t played MGS4 but I do consider it a strong contender, I really hope Gears is all it says its going to be or else it would be a sad 2008 for me and I know Spore and LBP will steal the show.