Rumor: Associated Press dates Home for Nov. 19


It seems that The Inquirer is claiming that both Home and NXE will both launching on the same day, Nov 19.


An article purported to be from the Associated Press has been floating around today that very casually dates PlayStation’s Home for November 19 — coincidentally, the same day as the New Xbox Experience launch. The origins of this version stem from The Inquirer (“Sony, Microsoft begin battle of virtual worlds”). It’s also interesting to note that the article does not mention NXE’s simultaneous launch date.

When you search the AP website, however, you will instead come across a “Sony, Microsoft virtual communities to start” from the same day (via Yahoo!). In this version, Home is “dated” for “later this year,” while NXE is coming November 19. Both pieces also use the same quotes from Enterbrain’s Hirokazu Hamamura, Sony’s Ryoji Akagawa and Microsoft’s John Schappert. It’s likely that the former piece was an earlier, now-corrected draft from the AP or a gross misread by The Inquirer (and subsequently propagated from there).

This is very interesting. What do you guys think? Do you think that Sony and Microsoft plan on releasing their next iteration in their gaming consoles on the same day? And if this is the case, which do you plan on downloading first?

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  • i see no way this happens on the same day! and is the Inquirer a place we get our gaming news now? with all the fake stories that have been going out lately i'm surprised to see this posted…

  • pharmboy044

    Home is definitely being delayed again. I mean come on, Sony has not given any kind of info regarding a release date. In my opinion they should have made a huge splash at TGS by announcing a worlwide release date for Home but…… nothing…. thats all we Sony fans have been getting ever since the PS3 has launched.

  • I think they mixed up their information or something, thats pretty odd that they would launch on the same day……I dont believe it

  • I DON'T CARE WHEN HOME IS LAUNCHED. I just know that when it is released, I'll be hanging in the Platform Nation Mansion with the rest of the guys while the 360 lovers are fiddling with their HoMies.

  • At this point, I think Home is a myth… like bigfoot. Or aliens.

  • Either way, I'm not connecting either console on the 19th. It'll take too long to download.

  • Bigmangriff

    I have the home beta, and can say that it is possible that sony pushs it out on Nov 19, now likely is another story

  • If they both came out the same day I would download Home first I am not really looking forward to the NXE