War World Review

When looking at screenshots of War World, you may think the game looks really fun, but the second you pick up the controller. Things change.

The game is one of the best looking games on the XBLA, with smooth and well designed mechs, and nice varied environments. But the gameplay lacks fun, and after playing the first few levels, the rest just seems a blur.

War World is a mech shooter in which you can control lots of different mechs, each with a special ability, whether it is the ability to move around fast, have extra missiles on the back of your mech or a stronger shield. Ten different mechs are in the game, all with different names, different designs, and different special abilities. If you play through the arcade part of the game, you don’t get to choose which mech you use. But if you feel like playing some multiplayer, you have a choice.

The game has 100 different levels, and you can do them all on different difficulties, easy, medium, hard or extreme; these play a HUGE part in the achievements of the game, mainly because the achievements are

Complete arcade normal level 1, 20, 50, 100

Complete arcade hard level 1, 20, 50, 100

Complete arcade extreme level 1, 20, 50, 100

It would be nice for the achievements to have something to do with how many kills you get, or how many online games you win, but these achievements just feel tacked on in the end of development, and aren’t really fun to do.

The environments that you play in can vary from Aztec ruins to the middle of the jungle, and throughout these environments you can get things such as armor pickups, health pickups, ammo and power-ups. But most of the time you’ll only need to pick up the ammo pickups as your ammo will run out really fast. When you get past certain levels in the arcade, you can start again from whichever level you want, as long as you have beaten the level previously. But you can get through the levels pretty fast as the AI in this game is extremely stupid. About half of the time that you play the game, if you are looking for the enemy on the radar, you will find them running into a tree, or stuck on a wall.

Online play is ok, you can do free-for-all, capture the flag; the usual game modes. But you might not get chance to play any online in the game, because no-one is online. You can play your own friends on your console, but the action isn’t very enthralling when there are only 2 people in the game.

The game screams low budget, the menus, the online, and the fact that the game has a frame rate slowdown every 10 or so seconds even though nothing particularly insane is going on in the game.

Buy this game if you are extremely desperate for something to play and are a slight fan of mech combat. But if you expect a deep mech experience, it would be better to go out and buy Chromehounds, which would be about the same price.