Movie Sharing NOT Part Of The NXE Come November 19th

In a post over at MTV’s Multiplayer blog, we have learned that photo and video sharing over Xbox Live is something that we won’t be using on November 19th. In fact, it doesn’t sound like it’s even built yet.
Netflix NXE
Senior strategist Rob Gruhl states:

“You know, we talked about photo sharing, and that’s something that, hey, if we want to do photo sharing, we just build that app, drop it in, party enable it and we’re good to go. If we wanted to do movie sharing, build an app, party enable it, drop it in. Really, it’s [the new dashboard] just laying the foundation for our next wave, our next step. Continuing to fill it out, continuing to build it.”

Since this is something that Microsoft used as a bullet point during E3, why does it sound like there has been absolutely no work done to bring this feature to Xbox Live? The article does state that this statement was made “a few weeks back”, but I highly doubt that Microsoft would wait until this late in the development of the NXE to start work on this type of feature.

As long as the Netflix streaming feature is in place on day one, I will be happy. The photo/video sharing isn’t something I will probably use, but it concerns me that they would make a big deal about it, then quietly pull it from the feature set.

Was this a major feature for any of you? Will you be writing Microsoft any hate mail when it doesn’t show on the 19th?

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  • movie sharing is not the same as watching movies with a friend. misinterpreted this as well. The author wanted a different feature other then what has already been announced.

  • pharmboy044

    Thanks for clarifying that. I knew Microsoft had made a huge deal at E3 regarding watching Netflix movies with your friends online. Now, if they had removed this feature prior to the NXE launch, I think quite a few people would have been pretty upset with Microsoft.