Sonys Firmware Update Details

No date has been set as of yet, but Sony expects to release the new firmware updates for the PSP and the PS3 within the month.

The PSP firmware update 5.0 will give you the option to enter PSN card numbers and vouchers from your PSP and access the PlayStation Store for PSP.  The rest of the PSP updates are fairly low key.

The PS3 firmware update 2.5 will give you more of a detailed friends list, such as how long it has been since your friend has been signed into PSN.  The update will also give you a icon in the top right corner for inputting PSN card and vouchers.  Also support for the upcoming official PS3 Bluetooth headset will be in this update, plus you will have the option to have your system turned off once background downloads are completed.

This is just a preveiw of good things to come from Sony.  I cant wait to see what else Sony will come up with in the near future, because I think Sony has yet to unleash the true potential of the PS3.

  • 2.5 for the ps3 would have to come out very very soon because the headset for it comes out tomorrow

  • PNGeneral_DoyleWilkins

    All details for the Update here

  • pharmboy044

    Sounds like a pretty good update. Its good to see Sony is constantly updating and adding new features.

  • I love BACKGROUND DOWNLOADING! Maybe they'll listen to my suggestion and put progress bars on each trophy in the next update!!!

    Great job Sony. They're making it real hard for me to ever justify buying a 360 again.

  • I agree background downloading has been long awaited. All details here

  • I'm guessing this update should be coming out at midnight tonight.

  • right, but its not needed to use the headset at launch so more then likely no update tomorrow.

  • I think sony said their servers are going down tomorrow, not 100% positive but I think that's what I read

  • seems to be true…guess well see

  • Flash is also being updated!

  • i'm guessing this won't be out till early November. the socom headset is bluetooth so its going work anyways, i don't know what support is needed for a headset that already works on the PS3…

  • the HQ mode. its a high quality mode that uses more then normal of the allotted spectrum

  • it also adds other special options, like the battery meter, etc