Barack Obama Ads in Burnout Paradise

That is correct Barack Obama has bought ad space from EA to use in Burnout: Paradise. He is using the billboard spaces that occupy Paradise city to get younger voters to vote. I think this is a great way to get some votes. Xbox may have Rock The Vote, but Barack Obama is advertising in games. I think personally think it a great plan. Of Course I can not vote yet, but even this doesn’t persuade me to vote for either party.

Source and full story at

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  • David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, is absolutely brilliant. Who would have thought of something like this?

  • you have a source or seen them yourself? I have not seen them and that is the same picture that was rumored to be in Burnout but no one could confirm it.. anyone playing Burnout and seen these?

  • Ross Campo

    sorry the source part slipped my mind. Working 3 other jobs on top of this one can do that.

  • no worries, didn't mean anything, just saw a something like this the other day, but only one person had saw so far…

  • Yeah. I haven't seen in game yet. Even if it isn't true, somebody was smart enough to get it circulating through the gaming public.

  • MrDre

    Can't they leave politics out of the gaming world!

  • Its might be possible that he was busy in his life that before , but now he enters into social life thats why. we have to Support him
    Ya Sure thare are many hopes with the BArak Obama , and I am sure about that BArak Obama wil full fill the all of desire for US Citizens. I again want to congratulate Barak Obama on his success.That be possible on the other side but not always true , In my opinion people know only for those for his work who have money power, Yet everybody know that Barak Obama is very simple guy, but i am sure that in future he will be Big Socialist