• not that I would know, but and both work DIRECTLY from the browser

  • I started a thread here,…in our forums. Feel free to add any sites that you come across that work with the new video flash options


  • So…. I had never heard of I figured it was a site like Hulu. Boy was I in for a shock (and cock).

    I would assume that anyone who knows about that site will find it funny that I was taken by surprise, so I figured I would share.

  • lol, happy I can help open up new doors to you

  • Steve also got suckered when we first introduced him to it. He thought it was a game trading site.

  • LoL. Any new sites that work with the flash options. LoL.

    Good update. I'm thoroughly pleased with the improvements when comparing trophies. We just need individual progress bars for each trophy and we'll be good to go!!!

  • Great update, just finished both PSP and PS3

  • MrDre

    I don't know why people get so excited for these firmware updates. Yes they provide nice upgrades but I think people get all worked up over these things for nothing. It's just like when Sony updated the PSN store a little while back and everyone was raving and excited and all we got was a reorganized interface so that we can better find things to spend our money on. I like the new additions but come on, there are better things to get excited about then power saver features (that should have been there in the first place) and flash 9 support (which your computer has been doing forever).