• Didn't buy it yet, because I am still in the air I do want the headset and want to play the game itself but trophy support would be nice. So I will probably still buy and keep playing after trophy support comes out.

  • bigmangriff

    As soon as I have the money for it, I will buy it, and play. And continue playing it after the trophies come out.

  • My option:

    E) Who gives a crap.

  • Nasero-Killer

    That wasn't an option jerk!

  • C) I went to Toys R Us and indulged myself in the Buy 2 Get One Free sale. LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 will soon be mine, but even though I loved SOCOM in the past, I'm not wasting my time playing anything without a trophy in it unless it's FIFA.

  • The game so far is a lot of fun, more fun then what I thought it would be from that beta. the trophy thing sucks but you all really need to look into this game, especially if you're a shooter fan

  • love you desz!

  • Jello

    Im waiting 2 buy this game. I figure let them work out the bugs then ill buy it after xmass and all these other games. No trophies is a big let down for me. It just proves im happy I didnt buy it yet.