Sony’s “Home” is not the answer

By now most of you have seen the screen shots of Sony’s Home. This seems to be their answer to Xbox Live’s community functionality, and it’s looking like it will finally become reality sometime late this year or early 2009.

The problem is however, nobody really cares about Home any more. Home is basically Second Life on the PS3, and if any of you have ventured over to Second Life lately you will see that it’s a shell of what it used to be in terms of popularity. The PS3’s social community doesn’t need a “Second Life” like experience. It simply needs an effective, fast XMB experience that connects its users. Sony thinks Home will do this, but it won’t. Home will certainly have some followers and a small core group that will swear by it. Overall though the risk vs reward to Sony for Home isn’t going to pay off as it stands now. Social Gaming is moving away from the “sim” like experience and is shifting into a more creative and dynamic experience.

There is a saving grace though.  If Sony is totally hell bent on creating some type of community enviornment with avatars then “Little Big Planets” Sack Boy can be their savior. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Sack Boy. OK, quite frankly I don’t really care for LBP so my bias stems from there. That said, I do see the brilliance of the game and more importantly the icon that is emerging from it. Sack Boy should become Sony’s Mario. He represents not only a fun and cute avatar that almost all can enjoy, but he also represents the very creative and dynamic experience that social gaming is moving towards. Sack Boy’s popularity seems to have no ceiling at the moment. Given the crazy success he seems imminently to have, he feels like a shoe-in for the job of Sony mascot. Sony needs to embrace Sack Boy, and covet him like he is the second coming of their Lord Savior.

Re-vamp Home Sony, kill off the sim like avatars and go for the jugular with Sack Boy. Sack Boy should be the avatar for everything Sony does moving forward. Give him all the customization you already have via LBP, and give him a place to thrive in a LBP like “Home” world instead of this virtual real world you are so mistakenly drumming forward with. Let this new world be populated by Sack Boys all running around and frolicking together in fun environments that can still be created with the backbone of Home’s concept of corporate sponsored enviornments.   Create a “Home” experience that people will actually want to come and enjoy.

Nobody wants to play reality Sony, but everyone wants to play with Sack Boy.

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  • mookins

    Excuse you?

    Home is more than a 2nd Life impersonator. If you want to use that analogy, then the Miis on the 360 are just Wii ripoffs.

    Look at what I did there.

    You don't know who cares about Home from who doesn't. There are *still* people who care about Home. At least it's an ambitious project.


  • qwrhgaewrg

    actually the xbox live thing is an answer to home and people care about home the hype is just gone because it was a waste of time and there are better things to use our hype for

  • bigmangriff

    i agree. If sony was wanting a second life clone, they would have just brought it over to the ps3, Home has yet to show it's true patential, lets give it it's time people

  • Greg Delacy=Jackass

    You are an idiot if you think Home isnt being waited for. Dont generalize YOUR opinion.. ever bother to take a survey? (no taking a survey on 360 doesnt count)

    LBP is already out, y would you want an LBP remake in Home..
    douche bag >_<

  • 1

    LOL at first post…I dont think the gravity of your full statement was felt…but it was quite good.

  • Meatloaf

    While i don't agree with some of what the writer was saying here, he does make a really good point. By Sony waiting for so long to release home, a lot of the hype is gone, and lets face it a lot of people just don't really care at the moment about it with all the triple AAA titles coming out. This isn't to say that its not going to be something great but its going to take a lot of great marketing to put home back in the spotlight again guys.

  • So you say HOME is not the answer and that no body cares. Give me some prove of your ignorant remarks and i might just let it go. For one unlike Microsoft, with HOME you can meet people outside of your friendslist and away from gaming area to go ahead and play them on any game they have and choose to play, you can walk into your Trophy sections to display your trophies! and just relax outside of gaming and stream music video* (not yet but you will) and photos. How in the hell do you get that "no" body cares about HOME anymore, must be your fanboy fantasy coming out of the closet. Please, spare me anymore of these type of sorry excuses for people to visit your pathetic site.

  • ben

    Does any on get the impression that Xbugs are starting to really worry, this autour is a clear xBut if ever u saw one.

  • I think people are looking forward to home. Personally, I will be updating my PS3 before I update my Xbox on Nov 19th. Actually, I'm going to wait a couple days to make sure there are no reports of bricking for either console.

    I think the hype is there. I just think it's overshadowed by the glut of games this time of year. And Sony hasn't said much about it unlike Microsoft who releases a little bit of news about the NXE every week.

    Also, there is no way Sony could just scrap Home at this stage and start over. That's like saying they should scrap the PS3 and start over. Little late for all that.

  • Phantom

    "The problem is however, nobody really cares about Home any more. "

    I care about Home, so I basically just fucked up your entire article.

    Yet another another blog on the net who sits around, and then tries to make opinions into facts on their website. Do us all a favor and use real facts instead of opinion the next time you guys post an article.

  • Luckystrike44

    I think taking NOBODY CARES literally, is a little over the top.

  • Tom

    Hi. I'm not going to give you some big fanboy tirade here but I do think you've made at least two fundamental mistakes in this post. Firstly, most of the features of Xbox LIVE already exist on PSN (for free): therefore, PS Home is obviously not intended to be Sony's 'answer' to the Xbox program; Sony has already responded, and rather well.

    Secondly, you'll find, if you ask, that a hell of a lot of PS3 users are looking forward to Home. That doesn't mean that it won't be rubbish (it may well be) but it's not the same thing to say "it's going to be rubbish and everyone will hate it" and "no one cares about home". The first, you'd get away with… the second is pure fiction.

  • I havn't had a PS3 too long, but I didn't buy it for Home. Home seems to be a fun little experience to tinker around in if you have alot of friends. Heck, maybe you can make some new ones. I just hope that all mini games inside home are free. Home is just kinda there for me, its not a must play or whatever. Anyway – this is just a opinion story, so don't nut all over your keyboard in furry because someone thinks the world isn't waiting for home. I don't think one person will pay $60 for home , but thats why its going to be free anyway.

  • MrDre

    I've tried out Home and it really isn't anything special. I think as a free experience it is fine but it's not a practical interface for a game system. I for one prefere the XBox interface, but Sony is slowly catching up. Of course The PS3 online is free so once it has caught up, it will be the system of choice.

  • Darius Ilkhani

    I strongly agree with mookins. Everyone On my PSN are looking forward to home. The Only thing is that the interest is down on it a bit because we've been let down with the delays. I'm sure when It comes out even the people who aren't hyped about Home will download it. People like to publicize that they won't Download Home because they think people care and they think it makes them cool, but they'll be on it. Top Of that 2nd Life Is a pile of shit, because its a garbage heap of User Generated content that can be flung in everywhere. Home looks to be more atmospheric and enjoyable. I can see a lot of people being on it 24/7 like a chat room, for me It'll be the first place I go to and from there I'll go with the flow. It won't stop me playing games. Just make it more fun. Instead of having Only my friends to ask if they want a game I can ask anyone in home. Top that off there is a few other things to do. Go play pool/arcade games get to know people from across the sea. Sackboy should be Play stations Mascot. Hats off to Media Molecule for creating a Real Rare Gem, but also hats off to Playstation. Do people ever take the time to think and say there's a reason people still play the Playstation. Its a Brilliant System. Sure It needs More Games. Stop MS getting the 3rd party exclusives or get some of there own 3rd Party. There 1st Party games are great. It does need more features for online and Xbox Live is a good book to take a leaf out of. Apart from the Charges. But Xbox has stuff to fix as well. I own a PS3 and a Wii and Plan to get a 360 The end of the day Fuk all Fanboys out there. You all need a life. Ripping on consoles/Games you've probably never played. Enjoy what you Enjoy. Not what someone else tells you.

  • Izzie E

    No one cares?!?!?! Ummm try the the 15 million plus PS3 owners. I don't understand people's reasoning sometimes. How can you not care about FREE software that enhances your playing experience and adds value to your purchase. Again it's FREE, FREE, FREE. You're moron to complain about something that you don't have to pay for.

  • Cayal

    It has to be taken literally. The guy makes a blanket statement (with absolutely no proof whatsoever) and expects it to be accepted.

    It is a poor attempt at writing an article (this guy clearly isn't a journalist so I will not call it journalism)

  • Cayal

    Microsoft are mainly concerned with trying to get previously Sony exclusives (Tekken, DMC, GTA etc). They admitted themselves they have a list of games they want.

    Sony on the other hand are moving forward with new IPs (infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Resistence, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Linger In Shadows etc) which will ultimately be Microsofts failing. They are not innovative or original. They don't have much on the immediate horizon, while Sony has a lot of promising titles coming, as well as established and exclusive games (R2, K2, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, probably Sly Cooper, God of War).

    The future is bright for Sony. Microsoft have a lot of work to do and trying to steal exclusives is just another backwards step.

  • ChrisWanker

    Before anyone gets onto me about prancing around in a virtual environment… I'm refering specifically to the virtual environment in Home.

  • ralph

    Microbots are in a state of either widespread panic or jealousy. I sold my 360 for a ps3 PURELY for the home experience. everyone i have ever talked to has had their minds blown by just the concept of home. live's new update adds NOTHING of value that home won't implement a thousand times better.

    you argument is fundamentally flawed on so many levels you should issue a public apology. not to mention your clear disposition. i don't go out attacking xbox, despite their tendency to catch on fire 90% of the time. get a life, and come out of the closet you raging fag.

  • pharmboy044

    Nice… I like what you did there. Little-"Niche"-Planet. I understand you don't like "HOME" and are not eagerly anticipating its arrival but lay off the dumb jokes regarding LittleBigPlanet. Everyone knows this it the start of something new and you don't have to be jealous just because the game might not be on the console of your choice.

  • Bob

    This guy dosent know what he is talking about. Home is way more than second life. Home wont be used just to meet people it will be an easy way for sony to advertise and people to see what games are like without having to buy them. If u think about it any buisness could creat a virtual store and make money be advertising in home. I think people need to think of its potential down the road now what its like when i lanches

  • Shannon

    ummmm…… I'm still looking forward to Home. I still care.

  • its heating up in here…

  • MAiKU


    That isn't true, sony's home is not an answer to anything. The innovation was first from sony, Microsoft's way of stealing the mii concept was their answer to home.

    Secondly it is not a game, it is an advanced gaming community communication tool. SECOND LIFE IS NOT A GAMING COMMUNICATION TOOL.

    Get over it, if you wanna post a blog with validity don't act upon your fan base and act upon the facts and do some studying. Otherwise you'll look like an idiot.