Gears of War COG Found


In Seattle Washington today, a Gears of War COG was found at the Headquarters. But by saying that alone does not give this story enough justice.

Before I tell you the story of how this beautiful COG was found, first I want to thank Justin, aka SixOkay on Twitter. Justin is the Gears of War Community Manager for those that did not know, he was the one that set this an so many other awesome things up for Gears, so thank you Justin for all your hard work on this.

Ok, now for the story. So today at work, and I just walk in from lunch and I’m cutting out, going home, I have had enough for the day. But on my way out the door one of my co-workers flags me down and hands me this envelope that someone dropped off for me while I was at lunch. The envelop had nothing on it but must my name and I had no clue at all what was in it so I went ahead and tore it open. Well inside was a PO Box key, and a Gears of War dog tag, that was it, nothing else.


Now to me this is weird, it is weird because I work for the post office so for me to get a key for one of our PO Boxes is very odd, it would be like for you to get a strange envelope and inside was maybe a key to another office at your place of employment. Anyways, so the key had a number on it for a box so I figured, what the heck, let me put it in the box and see if it opens and sure enough it did and inside the box was another package. So now its really starting to get a little weird because today, my job was to put all the mail inside all of our PO Boxes and this wasn’t there earlier, it just kind of appeared in the box, and not by us. But I took out the envelope and I tore this one open too and this time I was greeted to a book, a very old book at that, it had no title on the front of the book, on the spine it looks like something used to be wrote there but over time it has worn off, this just looks like one beat up book.


Now it is time for the surprise, so I open this beat up book after this very odd sequence of events and you won’t believe what I see next,


a Gears of War COG has found it’s way to me. I couldn’t believe it, genuine COG that was nestled in a hollowed out book. This was mind blowing to me, it was just like one of the things you watch in a movie where you have the star going through all these little side quests, looking for something but not sure what it is. And to get to the end of this little “quest” and find my very own COG was just amazing!

Here are some more pictures of the COG along with the book and after the pictures I’ll tell you what you can do to get some more info about Gears of War.

9F4F4AF4-E6F8-441E-933D-258D4CE3FF6C.jpg B904FA39-1F28-4B9F-904D-6FD89DA8953E.jpg E5018FF6-35EA-4416-B12A-2FACD2FB9270.jpg 0FB00C80-A56A-4EB6-8BB6-B73B4970CF5D.jpg C26FAB93-A96A-4EB6-A304-2DB7CCCB5F31.jpg CE7AD314-8C24-4ACC-8767-36EE82843165.jpg 8E2E1331-E62C-4618-88D9-49347F5327B0.jpg

Now what you guys can and should do is look over the internet for more COG’s, they are posted on many high profile gaming websites, each COG has its own unique CSID#, mine 389857-LRH2J-40. Take that CSID and go to and from there you can unlock videos, photos and several other pretty cool things. Each CSID unlocks a different item, so make sure to find them all to get everything. Now go have some fun, find some COG’s and get more pumped for Gears!

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  • Very nice story Steve. I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience in finding theirs.

  • I think most of the other people got them by regular delivery, I loved my little adventure to get mine, it was so much more enjoyable

  • I love the look of the COG and what a adventure I like the cut out book effect.

  • Steve, that's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

  • That is pretty sweet

  • I see they're going all out for this game. Great to see new means of advertising. Perhaps Microsoft looked at how well LBP was doing and are trying to branch out.

    I like the whole story here. Sounds like one of your co-workers was in on it.

  • trevor

    i have one and i travled 4 hours for mine. i think thats preety bad ass. but thats just me

  • good stuff, thanks for sharing!

  • Just wanted to say that I have a COG Tag. 134513-2BRL6-AO

  • YvR7iZ comment2 ,

  • Nik Blackwell

    I’ve just been checking out Gears for PC again, and read about this while I was getting updates. It sounds like you had a great little adventure, but what we don’t know is exactly how it ended. I’ve been looking up CSID’s since I found out about them, less than an hour ago, and yours is the first to say it’s already been unlocked. So… what did it unlock? Every other one just starts a download of an image, but yours is different in more than means by which it got to you.

  • @Nik when I put it in, someone had already cracked the codes and someone had already unlocked whatever I was suppose to unlock 🙁

  • wish i new what that book was

  • can you tell me what the play is calld for that chappture