Review: Peggle Nights (PC)

Game Review: Peggle Nights
Release: September 16, 2008
Steam October 15, 2008
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Pop Cap
Available Platforms: PC
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E

“Come on down!” You’ve just been selected for a chance of getting addicted to a combination of a classic Japanese game, Pachinko,

combined with one of the most popular games from the “Price is Right”, Plinko.  

Peggle Nights is the sequel to the widely popular PC, Mac and Ipod game, Peggle.  While the gameplay is basically the same, Peggle Nights does adds variety with its story mode, the introduction of the new Peggle Master Marina, and the addition of an “Aced” score for each level both extend the gameplay from the original.

So for the people that have never played Peggle or never seen the “Price is Right” or know what Plinko and/or Pachinko is, a brief description is in order.  In Plinko contestants take round discs, lat them flat on a slanted way and let go.  The objective of the game is to get the disc to land in the highest dollar amount listed at the bottom of the wall.  But, like in Pachinko and Peggle, there are randomly inserted “pegs”, or bricks, in the wall that make it impossible to know where the disc will go.

In Peggle Nights the disc is substituted for a steel ball and the pegs are different colored bricks in numerous, detailed designs.  Your mission is to clear all of the orange bricks from the current level.  To help you accomplish this task are the purple and green bricks, while the blue bricks are just there to take up space and send your ball randomly in a different direction.  The purple bricks give you a point boost when hit (if over 25k points scored on one ball you receive a free ball); while the green bricks will give you a “power-up”.  This power-up is usually used on your next ball, but certain ones have immediate effects that will always help you out in one way or another.

With 10+ characters and multiple levels per character Peggle Nights may get a little repetitive and this may be the only fault that I could find.  The individual character levels were basically a point and click adventure in the physics of bouncing balls.  I usually had enough balls in reserve to easily finish each level.  While fun it was not untilI I reached the challenge stages that I was “challenged”.  Here you can select your favorite creature, a random creature or the one who’s power up will best help in the next level.  Maybe the “challenge” was in choosing the correct creature but I was selecting creatures at random I found these levels much more difficult.  Some required more planning and thought then others but overall these are the levels you want to play!

While I am not the biggest PC gamer, I can see how if I only had 10-15 minutes and was already at my computer I would start up Peggle Nights and play a few levels.  The number of characters, levels and modes will have you playing just another 5 minutes trying to get to the next level or 5 more minutes to unlock that next character.  Whichever is your vice you will find it in Peggle Nights.

With over 60 normal levels, 60 challenge levels, Duel Mode (computer or human) and the hint of more “bonus levels”, Peggle Nights will definitely keep you playing for hours upon hours to reach those challenge stages, then even more hours to beat them, then its on to your friends for endless amounts of gaming!

is only $34.95 over on PopCap’s Website and would keep you busy till, almost, the end of time!

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