What A Difference A Single Year Makes

What is up Platform Nation community? Steve here, your fearless Editor-in-Chief, and I’m writing this post to really show you what can happen in a single year.

First, I just want to tell you guys that I was really debating with myself before writing this because, a: I don’t really like talking about numbers, b: despite what you all think, I actually don’t like bragging, and c: I just wasn’t sure if you all would be interested in all this. That being said, I wanted to kind of give you all a heads up about Platform Nation.

As you might or might not know, Platform Nation actually turned one year old this month, yes we have actually been around for a full year now and as most of you know that have been in the gaming community might know, that really isn’t that long of a time, especially when you consider that the Xbox 360 has been around for around 3 years and the PS3 and Wii for 2 years already. Anyways, in that single year we have went from 4 podcasts to a whooping 9 shows, 10 if you count The Gamers Video Update.

We have went from almost 7 thousand page views our first month to now averaging around 90k-100k (yes I know that is not huge, but in just a years time, I am very proud of this milestone). We now have over 1700 members of our forums and we have over 35k posts over there along with over 2k on our front page, which have netted us over 3k comments.

A year ago when we were just kicking Platform Nation off we didn’t really have any access with any gaming developer or publisher, minus my previously made contacts from my XBL Radio days and now, well, now we have open communication with almost every developer in the industry. We have been invited to E3, Platform Nation was there to cover PAX, E for All, and many other small private events in our first year.

During our first year we have had staff members become Xbox Ambassadors, EA Sports Community Leaders and several of our staff members have been featured in Xbox’s Gamer Spotlight and Inside Xbox (including my daughter when she was born 6 months ago). We have been lucky enough to be featured on Sony’s official blog,, along with countless other sites. And to top this all off, we even managed to raise over $25,000 for the Child’s Play Charity.

Wow, this has been really a great first year, especially when you take a step back and realize all that we have accomplished. I want to thank all of you all for helping us, our writers, the hosts that are apart of Platform Nation, some of our great friends that run other sites, all the people in the gaming industry that has given us a hand in the past (I’m sorry but I don’t want to name names for the simple fear I might forget someone and I will then feel so bad, but you really know who you are), most importantly I want to thank you guys, our readers/community. Without this great gaming community that has embraced us with open arms we would not be who we are nor what we are. I can honestly not only say this for myself but for all of the staff at Platform Nation, without you, the community, Platform Nation would be nothing, everything that we do, we do for you.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and just think, if we managed to do all this in just the previous year, can you imagine what we can do over the next one?

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  • Holy crap! You guys have only been around a year??? I thought you had been here as long as everyone else! Damn! I definitely tip my hat to you and your accomplishments. Its not an easy task running a website and you have done a mighty fine job at it. Its been great getting to know everyone in your fine community and look forward to what the future holds. Great job Platform Nation!

  • Proud to be a member of such a awesome community. Looking forward to many more years!

  • I had no idea it has only been a year. Wow!

  • Wow! We are joining just as the party is really heating up. Great job making such a huge impact so quickly.

  • GUI J

    And to think it all started with a few beers and some attitude, huh Steve?

  • Happy Birthday P*N!

    Good Work Steve this site would have never worked with out you.
    Your Vision made this happen and I am proud of you for it. (bro-mance)

    Your "Biggest" Fan,
    Rodder XP

    Now go kick K Rock's ass in a game!

  • Congratulations to everyone involved with Platform Nation. I look forward to seeing Platform Nation grow. I hope ideas from the past help PN expand to other avenues.

  • One year already, thats an accomplishment.