PN Question of the Week, Nov 2

So last week PN asked our community how you felt about more Zombies in games as it seems that more and more games coming out nowadays seem to have Zombies in some fashion in their games. Well overall is seemed that you guys felt that while you like Zombies, you would like to see less of them in your games, at least in a thrown in type of fashion, so all you game developers I hope you take notice.


So now on to this weeks question, and it involves the New Xbox Experience, or NXE. Last Friday I was lucky enough to get my hands on the NXE and I’m loving some of the features that at first I didn’t think I would care about, now my question to you all is, What feature are you most looking forward to in the NXE?

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  • While I have had a chance to play with the netflix feature yet (might be the thing I want most), I absolutly love the install the hard drive feature. At first I didn't care about this, mostly because I still have the have the disc in, but after I tried it out I realized how great it really was. My load time was greatly reduced and I no longer had to bear the extremely loud DVD drive that runs 1000 mph. That is a feature I will use on almost all my games now that I tried it.

  • I think the feature I'm looking forward to the most will be same as your Steve. More for my sons 360 than my own. I can hear his 360's DVD drive from the other side of my house. NO more of that at 6 in the morning on the weekends will be awesome!

  • I am looking forward to the Netflix feature, not really much else I would like to see how the hard drive feature will work out and if it is as fast as you say it is this will something I will definitely use. The rest of the features I could care less for especially the avatars, because as we all know that will just turn into more money spending (Microsoft Points) so we can dress up our avatars and get them accessories.

  • Most exciting feature for me has to be the Avatars. I can't wait to create mine. 🙂

  • Netflix is an exciting, the avatars are exciting too, even though they are a rip-off idea.

  • 8 person chat would be what I am looking forward too.. can already do netflix and why would i want to pay for live and netflix when can get the same content for free on the net?
    the party system for games and 8 player chat will be nice addition!

  • Im just ready for a new look to my xbox OS – the main feature I am excited for is the setup of the multilayered blades. Just being able to see whats on the next menu selection will eleminate the searching trial and error

  • I really don't know if I can narrow it down to JUST one feature. I really like the functionality of the new dashboard, Netflix will be awesome, the LIVE party will be amazing, Inside Xbox will finally be getting its own space, and running games of the hard drive is much needed for some gamers. I wasn't too hyped about the avatars at first, but they've grown on me so now I'm looking forward to them.

  • mik

    Speeeeeeeeeed. Please be fast. Please.

  • From what I've played with the NXE it is noticably faster, now that was without an Xbox live connection which will add a lot more features and in turn, most likely slow it down


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  • From what I've played with the NXE it is noticably faster, now that was without an Xbox live connection which will add a lot more features and in turn, most likely slow it down

  • I'm looking forward to the Netflix feature the most. I understand the install to hard drive feature, but honestly don't see how it will be beneficial to any of the 360 owners with a 20GB HDD like me. I might have room for one game. What's the point?

  • HD Netflix. Only 300 titles, but lets hope they're good.

  • I am most excited about the ability to rip the games to your HD and the Netfix movies. Even though you need the disk it still helps with load times and you dont have to worry about your disk getting scratched and F-in up your game play. All we need now is for Netflix to rent games you can rip to the HD. 🙂

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