C.O.G. (Candidates on Gears)

Today is Election Day for the United States and it is also the same week as Gears of War 2. Want to know what some of the candidates’ favorite things about Gears of War is? Let us find out.

(Political Satire)

John McCain’s Favorite Multiplayer Map from GoW 1: Old Bones

Although he finds the original set of maps great, Senator McCain found his calling in this add-on Map that came via sponsorship from the Discovery Channel. The setting is two museums lying in ruin with plenty of space between for playing with the Boomshot, Sniper, and Grenades.

Pro Tip from McCain: Stay in a group and control one of the larger weapons that spawn on the map, preferably the Boomshot. Avoid any grenades that might be tossed in the mix and be wary of snipers.

Barack Obama’s Favorite Gears of War Character: Carmine

Carmine is one of the newest members to the COG Army. He is full of energy and charisma, though he lacks in experience to a Marcus Fenix type. This does not hinder Carmine, however, as he is up for a challenge and does his best to show the seasoned veterans that he is a capable contributor.

Pro Tip from Obama: When stalking a Locust in multiplayer, try not to roadie run too much, as Carmine’s breathing will surely give your location away.

Ralph Nader AND Ron Paul’s Favorite Gears of War Weapon: The Longshot

What better way to make yourself known from a distance? Just because all of the action is taking place someplace else nearby doesn’t mean you cannot make yourself known. This is why the Longshot is so perfect for both Nader and Paul.

Pro Tip from Nader and Paul: If you find that being in the middle of the action isn’t your style and you are a decent or great sniper, then you should make way to the Longshot’s location (granted there’s one around) and stay at a moderate distance to either pull off a headshot, damage your opponent, or even down  them with an active reload. It is much better if others do not know you are around to give the greatest outcome.

The good news for all the Candidates is that Gears of War 2 comes out the Friday after the election, thus making a pleasurable weekend–even for those who did not win the Election. Nevertheless, take note on what the Candidates say about one of their favorite things about Gears of War and add it to your arsenal.

(And remember….this is Political Satire. Platform Nation is not aligned or affiliated with one particular Political Party. This is all out of fun, though the Pro Tips are real and come from my own Tips Bank.)

Good Luck to all those running this year in the election.

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