Gears of War 2 Interview With Mike Capps

Gears of War 2

Platform Nation is happy to bring to you a very special interview with Mike Capps, President of Epic Games.

Steven Artlip, Editor-in-Chief of, and Paul Brucato, Host and Editor of, sit down with Mike Capps and talk to him about Gears of War 2, Epic Games, the Unreal Engine, and find out what is next for us by Epic Games. Hope you all find the interview to be a good one so sit down and enjoy.

Special thanks goes out to Justin Korthof, Community Manager for Gears of War, for helping us setup this interview.

Do us a favor too if you could, leave us some feedback about what you thought about the interview.

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  • Great interview guys. A lot of info packed into those twenty minutes and Mike Capps seems like a very down to earth guy.

  • Phanny

    Nice interview, a bit short but thats okay.

    Just one criticism, since you got mike capps on the horn and all, and were discussing Unreal Engine 3.0, why not ask him about the issues it has, like the horrible texture pop in that is evident even in epic's own games, and the framerate drops that frequently plague the games that use it.

    I don't think I've played ANY U.E.3 game to date that did not have blatant texture-pop in, and frame rate issues, even in gears of war and UT3 (although they were minimal in epic's own games, they are pronounced in licensee's games)