Top – 035 Officer Mattness

Main Topic: Bryan “the magic” Griffith is out visiting Disneyland and hanging out with Master Chief at his Tea Bags for Tots event.  We check-in with him and Master Chief as we extend our community section this week.

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Around the Pool Table:


– Played Fable 2, FarCry 2 and Mirror’s Edge Demo.

– Beat Fable 2.  Continued to play LittleBigPlanet and started playing Fallout 3.

– Played Pure online multi-player.
– Rode ATV in real life.  Note: It hurts worse when you crash in real life!
– Watched a few more 30 Rock season 1 episodes…still not a fan.

– First Wave of DSi software shows a lot of promise.
– HD Netflix on 360.
– Beatles Game coming.
– PS2 Moving to an “Open Platform” in Europe.

The Best Music You’ve (probably) Never Heard: Snow Patrol – When it’s all over we still have to clear up

Community Corner: E-mails: Johnny and his Halloween adventures.  Cameroguy gives us some tips to improve the show.  Someone eventually wins comment of the week.

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