Announcing Married Gamers Gears of War 2 Wave Ridin’ Contest

by Chris "Lefty" Brown


Horde mode is one of the most exciting parts of Gears of War 2, and at The Married Gamers we’ll be rewarding one lucky team of five some cool Gears of War 2 schwag and prizes for riding out those waves.  We are pleased to announce the Married Gamers Wave Ridin’ Contest.  Think you have what it takes to ride the Waves of enemies, the Horde mode throws at you?  Assemble a team of five and register your team at Platform Nation forums in the Contest section.  Have fun creating a team name!  

LOGOtmggow2 On Thursday, November 13, teams will start playing the map, River, on Hardcore difficulty in Horde.  One designated team member will post the highest wave their team reached each day and the score for that wave.  The last day of the competition will be Thursday, November 20th.  If winning teams are tied in Waves, then the team with the highest score will win.  The winning team and their prizes will be announced on the live Married Gamers podcast on Saturday November 22nd.


Surf’s Up and Reload!

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