Gears of War 2: Countdown to the Last Day (Part 6)

Seeing that there is only one more days of rest before humanity makes their stand against the Locust Horde, what are you doing to prepare? Are you making plans to through a party? Will you be at a local game store enjoying those last few moments of peace? What are your plans for the midnight launch? Before we get to that midnight launch, we still need to prepare you for the biggest fight humanity has ever faced. So again, we are supplying two more videos for you to feast your eyes on. Now you may have already seen these on the Marketplace or on the Gears of War website.

So the first one up for today is “Gears Flashback Series: Top-5 Weapons”

The next one up will be “Gears Flashback Series: Top-5 Multiplayer Maps”

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