Burnout Paradise – Legendary Cars

burnout paradise legendary cars

Desz and I were half correct when I predicted on TQcast Episode 46 (Halloween Edition) that the new Burnout Paradise Patch will have Planes on it and Desz predicted boats. Well Jeremy Chubb from Criterion Games announced today that, following the Burout Paradise Party Pack patch in 2009, a patch for Legendary cars will be released. The first car up will be the Jansen 88 Special. Not only does this car look like the DMC DeLorean, it also HOVERS!! Now i know we are all used to having free DLC from Burnout Paradise and its awesome, but there WILL be a price for this update, the price is still to be announced. Thanks to the PlayStation Blog for this.

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  • General speculation for the other cars:

    Cavalry Bootlegger: The General Lee
    Manhattan Spirit: Ecto 1 from Ghost busters
    GT Nighthawk: Batmobile

  • Can anyone tell me when the new updates coming eg: LEGENDARY CARS and all the rest in the UK.
    Thank you