So This Is What I Do With My Avatar

Change is fast approaching our Xbox 360’s with NXE, but what about those avatars.  We have already found out that five older XBLA titles will be updated for avatar use, but none will let you play as your avatar.

Wait there is one new title coming out that will actually replace a character with one in a game.

A Kingdom for Keflings is a city building simulation game that will allow you to replace the giants with your very own avatar.

A Kingdom for Keflings is being released you guessed it November 19, and will set you back 800 Microsoft Points.

The game is centered on players (your avatar as a giant) who influences the Kefling’s (tiny humanoid people) to run around the city and train and assign tasks to them and use them to build up various city structures.  The game will also support online co-op mode for up to 4 other players, each using there own avatar.

Excited, not me I don’t even find the concept a bit interesting it justs seems like our avatars will be used as a Sim’s character, and another way to make us want to buy more things for our avatars.

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