Blizzard sees hope for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Blizzard is looking at the new Star Wars massively multiplayer online role playing game and sees the possibility to go strong.

“They are an excellent company and they’re utilizing a well-known franchise as the backbone for that game. I think the combination of those two things bodes well for them, just because not everybody can say [that].” Paul Sams said to Eurogamer during a interview with Blizzards new expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

I say welcome the challenge. A monopoly is never good for an business. Now it is a known fact that World of Warcraft is not the only MMO out there, but it is the most popular one. Since WOW is 11 million users strong compared to other MMOs like Everquest on Lord of the Rings online. The Star Wars universe already has an MMORPG. Sadly it could not reach the success that many though it would. I had a friend quit after he and a bunch of other Jedi where given the a slap across the in face by allowing anyone to become a Jedi and made it simple to become a Jedi. My friend was extremely angry, because he had put so much time into the game.

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