New Xbox Experience (NXE) Found At Best Buy

This story came to me as a tip from Matt Dailey, GT Tungsten Plug.

It seems that at least one Best Buy is previewing the NXE in their stores as evident in the pictures below.

These pictures were taken at a Best Buy near St Louis. Now I don’t recall seeing the NXE in my Best Buy’s so maybe this is a special preview deal or maybe some employee decided to hook up their Xbox 360’s with the unauthorized NXE update, I’m not entirely sure.

Check your local Best Buy’s and let us know if they are previewing the NXE there as well.

  • What is with the loss of GamerScore and Gamer Picture at the top right? :S

  • Anonymous

    It's likely the store's demo kit, they were supposed to be getting NXE loaded onto them this week to show it off to new buyers. It's partially gimped, though, just like the current (old) dashboard demo

  • uxo22

    Wriggly, here's a theory. Perhaps the pictures with 0 gamerscore were take prior to the one with the gamerscore.

  • That is so awesome!

  • Tungsten Plug

    I looked at the pics after I had taken them. I took some of them minuts apart. I am not sure if they had 2 profiles or not? I couldnt figure it out either after I looked at the pics.

  • None in the Best Buy's I go to in my area.

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