TQcast Episode 47

TQcast EP47 from the new TQ headquarters, and through the skype scene.

  • The future for 360 and PS3
  • PS3Trophies could be more valuable than you think.
  • Could KillZone 2 be 2009’s GOTY??
  • mO DiNeRo to turn on his 360 for one game….
  • KillZone 2 Beta impressions
  • Resistance 2 impressions
  • Biff goes where most TQfam has gone
  • Nacho Libre is like a friend.
  • How HD-DVD can make a come back.
  • Juice watches his first blu-ray movie
  • A very short exclusive preview of the TQ mix tape at the end of the cast.
  • Plus your video games, movies, album, and very special drink tip brought to you by Captnnapalm plus much much more.

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