Changes Coming to PlayStation.Blog

Everyone’s second favorite (PN being the first) place to get your PlayStation news has some changes on the way.

Hello, faithful PlayStation.Blog readers. We appreciate the hundreds of thousands of you that come to visit us every week … and we listen to what you say. To that end, we’re getting ready to make your blog-reading experience better with a radical re-design.

Well it’s not *that* radical (internally we’re calling it “PSB 1.5″), but it’s definitely the biggest set of changes we’ve made since the blog rolled out in summer of ‘07. Take a look:


Anyways the official PlayStation Blog has many changes in store for us next week, and there might be even more on the way from what I gathered earlier today when I was talking to Jeff Rubenstein, Sony’s social Media Manager.

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  • Very cool! I like the PlayStation blog a lot. I really like that they don't try to pretend that it is a group of rouge employees giving you inside stuff… it just is what it is.
    I am interested to learn more about the other changes that you are hinting about.

  • It's just good to see progress. Let's hope they get better all areas because behind the scenes…Sony is stinking up the joint.

  • It's just good to see progress. Let's hope they get better in all areas because Sony is still stinking up the joint where it counts.

  • All doors open to courtesy 🙂

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