Just wanted to give our Floridian’s a heads up about a great event that a couple of my favorite gaming sites are holding. SFX-360, along with Destructoid are teaming up to host an amazing party that features, games, food, prizes and a whole lot more.

The first official Destructoid Miami NARP! Join us at FIU South Miami for a Friday of non-stop all-ages tournament gaming for prizes and bragging rights, co-hosted by the FIU film group Anything Goes Anime. Photos of the space are attached in the gallery and Destructoid’s lead programmer Tom Lackner is going to dress in drag and spin as DJ GRLPWR, sporting a full beard in a bathrobe. After all, Destructoid’s site is run by a guy in a robot helmet. You should expect no less. Oh, and you can take home a PS3 by random drawing. Be there

SFX360 will be hosting a Halo3 Tournament 2v2 and a Gears of War2 Tournament 2v2