Mirror’s Edge Review (Xbox 360)


Game Review: Mirror’s Edge
Release: November 11, 2008
Genre: Action
Developer: DICE
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Players: 1
MSRP: $59.99 (PC $49.99)
ESRB Rating: T


Mirror’s Edge is another fresh IP published by EA developed by DICE. It is made off of the Unreal Engine but without look and feel that the Unreal Engine normally provides. The look is this ultra clean, very bright colored, cell shaded look that just gives off this super clean feel to the game. To assist with giving the clean feel, Mirror’s Edge features no HUD and is played in a first person prospective where for the most part, all you see is your hands and your feet. Mirror’s Edge also features a control scheme that is unlike every other game out there as for the most part, you just seem to use the bumpers and triggers to handle all aspects of the game, with an actually button push here and there.

So the whole idea of Mirror’s Edge is that you need to get to A to B to help solve the assassination of a prominent leader and to figure out who is framing your sister. To help you figure out what all is going to you will use your Free Running skills from A to B so you will find yourself jumping from building to building, climbing up walls, running up stairwells, sliding under pipes and even flying down ziplines. This is the main focus of Mirror’s Edge, to use your free running talents to reach certain locations or to accomplish certain tasks. There are other things like guns in the game but that is not where the focus is on, in fact Mirror’s Edge is more about the flight instead of the fight, DICE and EA even demonstrate this by making an achievement that you can unlock by completing the game without shooting an enemy, and I urge everyone that plays Mirror’s Edge to try and get this as it does feel like this is the way you are suppose to play it.


Mirror’s Edge has a lot of things going for it. It’s a very simple action game with a great art style and it brings something new and fresh to the table. You can almost call it, this years Portal, where as Portal came to us as a puzzle FPS, pretty much almost making a new genre for games, Mirror’s Edge does the same. We are given this FPS action game where the main focus isn’t to shoot the bad guys, it is to get from A to B as fast a possible with inconveniences in the middle. This very simple concept is what makes the game fun to play. Back to the art real quick, I do have to say that I love the style that EA and DICE decided to go with in the game. I really like how clean and crisp everything looks, I really looked forward to every time I went outside just because I would take a moment to look at all the buildings and environment, it was just done so well.

This is not a perfect game though, not by any means. The first thing being the game length in Mirror’s Edge, you can actually plow through the complete story line in about 5 hours. Once the single play is complete the game is complete, there isn’t anything other to do then time trials. While some might like this I was not one of them. I much rather had something unlock when the main game is complete to be able to do a free roam mode, something where you just do whatever you want just for fun, add it multiplayer free roam and you have a win win situation. As far though multiplayer goes though, there is none. All you can do is look at leaderboards and such. While not a huge thing because multiplayer wouldn’t really fit great with the game I do some areas where it would have been nice to have.


Steve’s final say: While Mirror’s Edge is a fun game, and a fresh experience I really can not say it is a must buy, however though, I do feel it is a must play. The game has an extremely short story to it and after that is done all that is currently left is just time trials, now down the road their will be more content for Mirror’s Edge in the form of DLC, no word yet though what that will be.