Zapper Zaps The Xbox Originals!

In a show of industry prowess that we have not seen since Microsoft secured exclusive DLC for GTAIV, the Gamerscore Blog has announced that Zapper will be coming as a Xbox Original on November 17th.
Proving once again that Microsoft will stop at nothing to win the console war, we will be able to download the game that has been called “Frogger…but with less good” and “a poor man’s game”.

Microsoft is obviously cognizant of the fact that Xbox Live will be severely taxed by all of the simultaneous downloads and has beefed up their servers as well as put Major Nelson on high alert.

The release of the NXE has been placed on hold for the time being so the team can focus on what they call “the gaming event of this or any generation.”

Peter Moore was actually spotted crying in his office at EA when he heard the news. “I didn’t think it could be done.” he said. “If Zapper can come to Xbox Originals, then I think anything is possible.”

In a related news story, Sony has stopped manufacturing LittleBigPlanet discs and canceled Killzone 2.