Halo 3: Recon More Like A Short Expansion

In an article that I read today over at it seems that not only is Halo 3: Recon only a 3-5 hour game, but it most likely is a game that you will be able to get for a discounted price, in other words, less then $60.

The December 2008 issue of Game Informer has a cover story on Halo 3: Recon – and it’s a doozy. It doesn’t contain any new screenshots, but there’s quite a bit of concept art, and there’s a lot of description of how the game is going to work. There are some very interesting tidbits included:

* Paul Bertone describes the scope of H3:R as “a three to five-hour expansion pack”
* Recon Armor will be earnable for all – complete the Vidmaster Challenge series of achievements and it’s yours
* Bungie’s Joe Staten says “we do not view this as a $60 title”
* The cover art is spectacular, and has been whipped up by Bungie newcomer Jaime Jones (google him – I found this gallery of pretty amazing stuff)

The game sounds to be a lot of fun to play – you’ll need to read the article for details. If you’re a subscriber, you should be seeing it today – or very soon. If you’re looking for it on the newsstand, you might have to wait a week or two. I’m droolin’…

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