Having Xbox Live Issues?

Well don’t fear as you are not alone. Major Nelson writes in

In the past few hours, the Xbox Operations Center noticed that large number of members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE, some more than once. Our Engineering teams are actively working to determine the root cause of this issue and to prevent it from happening again. If you are disconneced, you should be able to reconnect after a few minutes. Thanks for your patience as we work quickly to solve the issue.

Do you think it might have to do with the 10,000 people that got access to the New Xbox Experience yesterday? I think so too, and while 10,000 people might sound like a lot, that is less then 1% of the people that actually have Xbox 360. So if this is an issue now, just wait till the 19th when the NXE is open to everyone.

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  • I was on last night Level 28 in Horde mode with a great team and it happen, disconnected from Xbox live man was I mad. Went on this morning and even before I got to start a game it happened again disconnected from Xbox Live. I am not looking forward to the 19th, I cant imagine the problems that we are going to encounter with Xbox live.

  • RifleMonkey

    It happens from time to time, no big deal. I think it does has something to do with NXE, either they are working for the launch or having poeple on it already.

  • I'm not connecting my Xbox on the 19th.

  • John

    I don't know what's going on but it appears that I'm online and offline at the same time. Xbox live shows me as being signed in. I can see my friends online but I can't join anyone and I can't start any game on live because it's telling me I'm not connected. I tested the connection and everything seems normal. I don't get it.

  • david

    Same here John i'm getting the same thing i am realy pissed off


    a may be a virus on xbox live for the first time could be ? , i got banned for no reason at all last week , so i buy another console and this scared the crab out of me , i screem NOT AGAIN !!!
    is not fair they ban you without a warning or anything i spend 650 buck for my elite console with 2 games and 2 controllers , never cheat , never mod it and i'm not racist like most of the players from xbox live usa they make fun of everybuddy , Hispanics , asians , africans , afrcan amercans etc etc ,if you send a report what they do ? NOTHING…
    what did i did i have spend over 3000 bucks on games and assesories and this is the way i got pay
    i'm a real gamer and i don't have a life i know , but my wife told me , you LOVE your xbox 360 but he don't LOVE YOU back

    Gt: AKUMARIO , RIP from xbox live

  • jenkins

    I have been having this issue since 11-14-08 at 11pm EST. I was playing GOW2 campaign prior to that for 2 hours with no problems. Now, it's 11-16-08 at 1am EST and still no resolution to the issue. I have that same thing that John and David mentioned above where it looks like I'm online… sort of. The 360 connection test comes back all smiles saying I'm fine. I have used the service for years with no issues, except for when COD4 came out, for a week last year. I called the service line today 1-800-4-my-xbox and the dude told me they were aware of the issue. He told me some people have the issue, some don't. I advised that I was the only one in my "group" of friends that seems to have this problem. He told me that was common, and the fix would be done any moment. Still nothing.

  • jenkins

    Also, note that the page had a service warning posted up from 11am to 4pm today. That message is now gone… do they think this is fixed? I am still having the problem.

  • nybeatmaker

    About 5 mintues after i sign on to xbox live I get disconnected every time. This has been going on since yesterday morning it is now Sunday 2:12 pm eastern and still not working for me and the weird thing is… my sisters xbox has no issues with live, as a matter of fact if i attach my hard drive to her xbox and sign in using my profile, everything works fine. We use seperate cable modems and seperate xbox's in the same house running off the same fiber optic cable!!! the only difference is that my modem uses voip (optimum voice) could that be it? or is my fairly new $500 Elite on the frits?

  • Michael

    It is 2:00 am on the 2nd day of the network problem catastrophy. I feel there will be no end to this tragedy. To those who are still online, carry on without me, live strong, and eat your vegitables before getting dessert… man this sucks.

  • Michael

    Seriously though, I think it is aliens trying to take over Xbox LIVE in an effort to rape us all at Gears of War 2. Viva resistance!

  • Michael

    Router-$150, Xbox 360-$400, Xbox LIVE-$60 a month, reading blogs about something that just happened- priceless.

  • Michael

    I have been calling Xbox every now and then, and every time they say to try in another 24 hours. It would be nice if they would just say what exactly is going on and when exactly it will be solved. This is why i think it is aliens. Viva resistance!

  • jenkins

    Fixed my problem. I don't know who else this may apply to, but I figured it was worth a mention. I have a linksys WRT54G version 2. On that router, I had gotten rid of the linksys firmware, and was running DD-WRT v.23 sp2 (a linux based firmware that really made the router more functional). Anyhow, I tried to upgrade to the latest version of the DD-WRT firmware v. 24sp1 and still had the same problem. I rolled the firmware back to linksys firmware and voilla, I now have no more problems with LIVE! Prior to discovering this, I had plugged my cable modem straight into my 360. That too worked with no problems. Once that worked I knew my router was the issue and troubleshooted from there. Now the odd thing is, I have been running the linux firmware DD-WRT for 2 years on the LIVE service with no issues. Could this be something the Soft is trying to get rid of (non standard router users) with the new NXE? I know MS hates the open source community but good god man…. Or, is this simply something they had to do for infrastructure stability?

  • Michael

    I just spokt to someone from the Xbox support line, and they said that they do not have an exact time in which the problem will be solved, but he was told that the problem should not last for the rest of the day (today being Sunday, November 16). He told me that the issue with Xbox live does have to do with the update on the 19th. I would not be surprised if the problem continued into next week, but I do believe it will be resolved soon enough. So, if you are having withdrawls, do not fret, the situation will be resolved… eventualy. Viva resistance!

  • Michael

    *spoke* not spokt, oops!

  • Joe Moss

    Im so Pissed im the only one in my group that has this problem I havent been able to play all weekend and every time i connect i put in COD World at War or GOW 2 and after 5 min i get randomly disconnected from live. I hope the NXE isint like this. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon i wanna play my xbox again

  • Michael

    It is 10:30 pm central time, and Xbox LIVE is still down. I believe this is the longest it has ever been down. It went offline between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm on the 14th, almost 48 hours of pure suffering. I believe this will continue into Monday, possibly Tuesday, only because there has never been as big of an update as the one coming up. Seeing as how the people working on this issue are professionals, and that it has been almost 48 hours since Xbox LIVE went down, this issue must be a severe one, or one that is a major step to the upcoming update. It could also be aliens, like i said before. Viva resistance!

  • Ian

    My xbox just went down at 8:00pm EST and yea its the tests say everythings fine but no good. I cant sign in with xbox live. AND I JUST BOUGHT COD 5. =(.

  • Unknown

    dis is whack i jus wanna play some xbox live but im goin to my cuzen house jus to play cod on ps3 n im lookin foward to the nxe i havent done a gears of war match all weekend and i jus disconnected my modem jus so i can start da game up n den i beat gears 2 on insane n i cant sign on to update my gamerscore they shud fix it i payed for is psn workin over live

  • Interesting article. I was searching this all day. Thanks

  • Jack

    The guy who posted the last comment is a moon cricket. lol

  • Brandon

    X box live is bull shit it will not stay connected for more than 5 min please help!