WalMart Leaked Black Friday Deals

CNNMoney has revealed some of Walmarts Black Friday deals that are set for Friday November 28 the day after Thanksgiving between 5-10 A.M.   I for one don’t think there really is any need to rush out for.  One of the sales revealed is a Xbox 360 (arcade) plus Guitar Hero III pack for $199, not a bad deal right you get Guitar Hero III with Guitar for free, but you have no hard drive for your Xbox.  Also advertised is a Magnavox Blu-ray player set at $128, but remember Walmarts pre-Black Friday sale has the PS3 for $399 and you get a $100 Walmart gift card, which I think is a better deal, a PS3 for $299 and with the $100 gift card at least you can get a game and still have some money left over.

Some of the other deals revealed are a HP desktop PC for $398 and for $798 a 50 inch Samsung Plasma TV (no other information on the Plasma such as resolution is available). Nothing really that big as far as electronics goes and nothing that would make me want to rush out and have to get right away.  Lets see what some of the other stores have to offer up for sales on Black Friday.

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