Circuit City Black Friday Deals

Great news for you gamers looking to get a head start. Circuit City’s Black Friday deals were just released and Platform Nation wanted to give you the heads up on them, no word though if you can manage to find an actually Circuit City to buy them in though.

* Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for Nintendo Wii $59.99
* Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for Xbox 360 $59.99
* Guitar Hero III Bundle for Playstation 3 $54.99 [Early Bird Item – Limited Time Only]
* Guitar Hero III Bundle for Xbox 360 $54.99 [Early Bird Item – Limited Time Only]
* Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS $29.99
* Limited Edition Nintendo DS Ice Blue Holiday Bundle $139.99 [Early Bird Item – Limited Time Only]
* Limited Edition Nintendo DS Mario Red Holiday Bundle $139.99 [Early Bird Item – Limited Time Only]
* Nintendo Wii Controller Skins $6.99
* Nintendo Wii Dance Pad $12.99
* Nintendo Wii Intercooler Fan $6.99
* Nintendo Wii Laser Gun $12.99
* Nintendo Wii Silicone Wii Fit Cover $6.99
* Nintendo Wii Sports Pack $12.99
* Nintendo Wii Wheel Remote $6.99
* Nintendo Wii Wireless Sensor Bar $12.99
* Selected PC Games (Sims 2, Sims Carnival, Sudoku, more) $4.99
* Selected Video Games for Game Boy Advance & Nintendo DS $4.99
* Selected Video Games for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, DS, PS3 $19.99
* Selected Video Games for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 $14.99
* Selected Video Games for Wii, PS2, PSP, DS, Xbox 360 $9.99
* Sony Playstation 2 Video Game System w/ Free Micro Controller $129.99
* Wired Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 $9.99
* World of Warcraft Battle Chest PC Game $14.99
* World of Warcraft PC Game $9.99
* Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/ Extra Controller & 20GB HD $199.99
* Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle w/ 2 Games & Free $30 Gift Card $299.99

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  • The Circuit City by me is one of the "safe" stores for now and that Arcade Edition is a unreal deal with just the extra controller thrown in, and the 20GB HD just puts that deal over the top.

  • Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/ Extra Controller & 20GB HD $199.99

    That is a sweet freakin' deal. It almost makes me want to buy another one.

  • John

    not that is make a difference, but it should be noted that the 20 GB HD is refurbished

  • Jay

    I wonder if that xbox 360 arcade deal is available online? I know wal-mart has some black friday deals available both in store and online.

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