Club Nintendo finally coming to the US

Club Nintendo first started in Japan. The purpose of Club Nintendo is to give members rewards for buying Nintendo products. The items you can gain range from Key rings and T-shirts to Wii motes and CD’s.

After success in Japan, Nintendo later expanded Club Nintendo to United Kingdom and Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and South Africa. Finally being released in North America means we too can now get special things from Nintendo.

The way it works, you register for Club Nintendo, then buy almost any Nintendo product or video game, register the product, then collect your points. Another way of gaining points is by doing surveys and other online activities that Nintendo will say are redeemable for points. The points are then usable to buy  items like T-shirts and Wii motes.

It is about time. Some of the goodies that we don’t get include video games. Most of the titles are DS titles, my question is well they be translated, or will we be forced to have a license plate cover that says “I Heart Nintendo.”

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